Upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley Update Refreshes Windows 95 Era Icons

Microsoft is gearing up for a big interface refresh on Windows 10. It was even reported back in January that the big UI change on Windows 10 which has been codenamed Sun Valley will bring sweeping visual rejuvenation. The folks at Windows Latest got their hands on new details containing a new set of icons in the C:\Windows\System32\Shell32.dll that replaces some of the classic Windows icons from the Windows 95 era.

If you compare the two sets of icons i.e. the preview build and the production build (Windows 10 October 2020), the change is subtle. It uses some of the icons that look similar to the Windows 95 era icons that they are replacing. I am talking about refreshing icons used for over 30 years.

Talking about the change in icons, this includes icons on system apps, File Explorer folders, as well as hibernation monitor, globe, floppy disks, and so on. These new icons are in line with the ones users have already seen with Microsoft 365 and a few other products.

Upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley update refreshes Windows 95 era icons

The icons related to options, buttons, and folders where the Windows 95 era icons are being refreshed with newer and modern icons were spotted in Shell32.DLL which has been a part of all variants of the Windows operating system since Windows 95. This change in iconography would go along with improving the design consistency on the Windows 10 operating system which is undoubtedly one of the largest OS in the world.

Microsoft did give icons of important folders like This PC, Documents, Recycle Bin a makeover in the previous builds. Some are still untouched such as the one associated with WinDirStat, however, it is alleged that Microsoft will refresh all the icons before the massive Sun Valley update arrives.

Sun Valley Release Date

Apparently, the report adds that the refresh that has been codenamed Sun Valley is speculated to arrive in October or November this year. It is likely to hit release to manufacturer (RTM) states in June. With that, the new icons will ferry along. Other major changes that are enroute are true dark mode experience, Fluent Design features, and others that would change the upcoming version of Windows 10 a lot.

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