Xiaomi explains why it takes longer to update MediaTek smartphones than Qualcomm

A stable build of Android 12 was released in the last month, and now OEMs are working to implement it on their eligible devices by the end of 2021 or 2022. However, over the past few years, users have grown increasingly concerned about the frequency or consistency of software updates. This is because most non-Pixel devices receive Android updates or security patches at a slower pace, which is hit-and-miss. According to Xiaomi executive Li Ming, MediaTek phones do receive slower updates than Qualcomm handsets.

According to the executive, Google always provides codes to Qualcomm and MediaTek before the official release in order for the chipset manufacturers to be able to manage or prepare the same. Mobile phone manufacturers can easily adapt to the latest version of the Android-based software package.

MediaTek, however, appears to be lacking in implementing the platform and delivering it to mobile phone manufacturers within the expected timeline. As a result, manufacturers were unable to provide the same update for their eligible devices. What’s important is that Qualcomm is active and smart enough to release all of its platform updates simultaneously to OEMs.

MediaTek delivers updates to OEMs in batches. Hence, it is likely that some devices models will receive the same update in the second or third batch due to various reasons. Ultimately, there will be delays for both manufacturers and end-users at the same time. Clearly, OEMs need some time to check all of the stability and release the software updates.

However, Li Ming has also mentioned that batch updates have the advantage of saving issues with software releases in most cases. Therefore, if there is a problem with the software update, MediaTek and OEMs fix it according to batches without affecting a wide range of devices.

At the same time, we should note that OEMs are also delaying the Android update or security patch update at times. Although most Xiaomi devices have Qualcomm chipsets, they did not receive the update in time, even with the MIUI update due to batch releases.

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