Xiaomi Mi Mix Will Be The First Phone to Use Liquid Lens, Launch on March 29

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is all set to launch its new smartphone — the new Mi Mix — on March 29. But ahead of Mi Mix launch, the company has started teasing some of its unique features on social media. According to a Weibo post by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, the upcoming Mi Mix will carry a liquid lens, making it the first smartphone to use a liquid lens.

Liquid lenses have been there for quite some time but never used in a smartphone. But with the new Mi Mix, Xiaomi is about to set a new record by becoming the first phone maker to feature a liquid lens on a smartphone. A liquid lens contains an optical-grade liquid that is controlled electronically, or mechanically, to alter the focal length of the lens. This gives the liquid lens a plus point in being flexible to act as a multi-camera system without using other lenses. Moreover, they take up less space as compared to a traditional (rigid) camera lens.

Liquid Lens in Mi Mix, Features

Xiaomi Mi Mix Will Be The First Phone to Use Liquid Lens, Launch on March 29

As per Lei Jun, the liquid lens used in Mi Mix is self-developed by Xiaomi and is controlled through a motor to achieve precise and rapid focusing. The liquid that makes up the lens is wrapped by a film that enables the quick change of focal length and focus. This is analogous to the lens in the human eye, and Xiaomi compares it with the way the human eye sees. The company also boasts it to be much faster than the traditional optical lens, thanks to the faster deformation speed of Xiaomi’s liquid lens.

Further, the fluid that makes up this new lens is said to have ultra-low dispersion, high transmittance, and resistance to extreme environments. Xiaomi said that its liquid lens would enable both telephoto as well as macro shots.

As mentioned before, the Mi Mix is scheduled to launch on March 29, and we have only a few days left to get a glimpse of the new smartphone camera technology. Apart from this, there are rumors that the new Mi Mix will be a foldable device which, however, will be revealed only during the launch.

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