Xiaomi Receives Patent for the 180-Degree Under the Display Rotating Front-Facing Camera

There are many reasons why Xiaomi has grown to become the most popular smartphone brand out there. It invests heavily in research and development and the latest example for the same is a patent that Xiaomi received that shows a phone with an under the display camera that flips to become a rear camera setup. Touted flip technology, the front-facing camera module rotates 180-degrees to take the place of a triple camera while the region at the front is taken over by the display itself.

Xiaomi 180-degree under the display flip technology

According to the folks at LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi received a patent by the World Intellectual Property (WIPO) that gives a sneak peek into what Xiaomi could be working on next. Apparently, Xiaomi is working on a 180-degree under the display camera flip technology that usually sits idle as a front-facing camera.

Xiaomi receives patent for the 180-degree rotating front-facing camera

When activated, it rotates about an axis to over 180-degree to join in the other two (or more) lenses. The patent application that was filed back in February 2020 does mention that the rotating camera rig will be a part of a greater extension of sensors at the rear.

Here, the camera uses a magnetic drive module to operate upon and perform the mind-boggling 180-degree turn acting as a front-facing to a rear-facing camera. The setup will use a processor to rotate the camera rig without any hassle. Also, the camera module on either end will ensure that the photos are of excellent quality.

The application got published on 29 April 2021 giving the details about the patent. Perhaps it is speculated that a smartphone with an under the display camera is likely to arrive later.

According to the report, Xiaomi will be using all the possible means to keep the dirt and lint away from the rotating mechanism. You know how the original Samsung Galaxy Fold performed when it was launched and handle over to reviewers.

As always in the case of all the patents, this particular patent might never see the light of day and instead, it will be buried deep under other patents.

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