YouTube Music Now Lets You Play Songs Directly From Search on Android and iOS

After Google discontinued Play Music, it has been adding several features to its alternative — YouTube Music. Recently, YouTube Music for Android and iOS have reportedly received a feature for the search functionality of the app. According to a post shared by a Reddit user, search in the streaming service now directly displays songs and allows users to directly play them too.

A screenshot of YouTube Music’s search feature shared in the Reddit post shows that the app will now display songs underneath the suggested queries. It not just shows the song name but also displays the cover art and artist’s name along with an overflow menu. The overflow menu lets you start radio, queue up, add to playlist, see more, and share the suggested song. If you want to play the song directly then you can do a single tap on the song and it opens the Now Playing screen of the YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music for Android, iOS Search Feature

YouTube Music Now Lets You Play Songs Directly From Search on Android and iOS
Image courtesy: Reddit

Being rolled out as a server-side update, the new feature on YouTube Music for Android and iOS app displays 1-3 songs underneath the list of suggested search queries. You may have to hide your keyboard and scroll down to see all of the suggested playable songs. Currently, only the songs appear in the list and not the albums, artists, or playlists. But in the future, the software giant may consider adding them too.

Last year, YouTube Music for iOS introduced a “Last played from Search” section for the search page. But it hasn’t yet made it to the Android version of the app. However, the new feature is quite different from the said feature exclusive to the iOS app. It seems like the new ability for search is still rolling out and may take a while to reach all YouTube Music users. Like said before, this is being rolled out on Android and iOS via a server-side update, so you don’t need to do anything to get this feature. It should automatically come to your app.

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