Want to use YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode on the iPhone? Here’s how to enable PiP

YouTube is undoubtedly the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. With billions of users worldwide, the service is here to stay for decades to come.

Having said that, the YouTube app on Android has a Picture-in-Picture mode that allows users to do whatever it is they were doing while placing the YouTube app in a small movable window.

While the Android version of YouTube has had these features for literally years now, Google introduced it on the iPhone YouTube app back in June this year. While the feature is not yet available, YouTube Premium users can try it out right now.

Being able to try out new experimental features is one of the perks of having YouTube Premium. In case you want to know what PiP means:

With Picture-in-picture (PiP), watch YouTube videos in a mini player while using other apps.

How to use: While you are watching a video, swipe up (or press home) to close the app and watch in a mini player.

Want to use YouTube Picture-in-Picture mode on the iPhone?  Here's how to enable PiP

Keep in mind that you will have to be a YouTube Premium member in order to enable PiP on YouTube for iPhone. If you are, just head over to from the device you want to enable the feature on.

On the page after ‘Translate comments,’ you can find the PiP mode experimental feature. Click on the ‘Try it Out’ button, and you are good to go. After you enable the feature, make sure you start a video on your iPhone app and go to the home screen so you can watch YouTube in PiP mode.

One thing to note here is that the video will be paused if you lock the screen. However, you can easily resume it from the media controls on the lock screen. Google says it is working on improving the same.

The experimental PiP mode on iPhone will come to an end on October 31. This means Google has plans to release it to the general public after the said date. Moreover, PiP will also be coming to normal YouTube users with ads.


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