YouTube Experiments SoundCloud-style Timestamped Comments Feature

YouTube regularly experiments with several features, many of which don’t see the light of day. The latest feature to make it to the list is the timestamped comments feature.

Similar to what SoundCloud has, YouTube is allowing users to dive into the part of the video comment is tied to. The web version of YouTube already allows users to link a part of the video to comment, in fact, it has this particular feature for years now.

One thing to note is that the feature is absurdly similar to the replayed chat section in a YouTube Live Video that can be used for rewatching a live video when it has ended. This easily lets you skip to the part of the video you are interested in, saving valuable time.

However, it is currently available to select users and only available for a few videos. It is still unclear if the timestamp comment feature will be released worldwide. Everything depends on the feedback YouTube gets from its testers and developers.

YouTube experimenting with the timestamped comments feature YouTube experimenting with the timestamped comments feature

In case you are wondering how to know if you are selected to test the feature, you can simply load a video and go to the comment section on your mobile device. On the top right, you will find the Sort button, where you can find the “Timed Beta” option alongside the usual Top comments and Newest First buttons.

Just hope it is nowhere near SoundCloud’s interpretation of the feature since SoundCloud pops up comments in the video. If that’s the case, it will be really weird and intrusive.


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