YouTube Testing a New Feature that Translates Captions, Video Title, and Descriptions to Native Language

YouTube currently owns the title of the most popular online video platform on the internet. People spend billions of hours every day on YouTube watch videos on the website.

A few days ago, YouTube was experimenting with a video timestamp feature in the comment section. Some other experimental features the platform has tested include a new clips feature, hiding dislike count on certain videos amongst many more.

The latest news comes straight from Android Police, who report that select users have access to a translation feature available on the desktop website as well as the mobile apps. It allows users to just tap and auto-translate captions, video titles, and descriptions to a language of their choice.


English to Portuguese translation in YouTube app for mobile
Image Courtesy: XDADevelopers

Having said that, it is not only limited to the aforementioned but is also applicable to view count, button text, subscriber count, and text-based areas of the platform. Surely, it will ensure navigation becomes hassle-free irrespective of your language. The only caveat here is that the feature is currently available for only English to Portuguese.

Google is most likely making use of its AI paired with the Google Translate service. We predict that more languages will be supported in the coming weeks if it indeed makes use of Translate.

The Automatic translation will enable more non-native English users to make use of the platform, especially those living in rural areas or some corner of the world. Since it is a server-side feature, updating the app won’t make much of a difference.



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