YouTube TV Reportedly Added a Special Marker for The Walking Dead

YouTube TV has reportedly started showing a special marker for The Walking Dead, according to a post on subreddit r/google. While looking at the image, it seems like a zombie hand is now displayed in place of the regular pointer. The Walking Dead fans seem to like the new minor addition from the YouTube TV, while some claim it to be a little spooky.

An image was posted by a user by the name of Nomadic_Marvel07 on Reddit that showed a special marker appear while watching an episode of The Walking Dead. The new marker looks like a distorted hand, which is no doubt intended to look like that of the zombie characters in the horror television series. It seems like the streaming service wants to give users the best experience while watching their favorite TV series. It’s not just The Walking Dead, Shark Week also had a special marker before, said another user in the comments.

YouTube TV and The Walking Dead

YouTube TV Reportedly Added a Special Marker for The Walking Dead
Image courtesy: Reddit

YouTube TV is a US-based streaming television service that streams American TV channels and offers on-demand video, live TV, and cloud-based DVR. The YouTube-owned service is known to add new features to enhance its users’ experience. With the latest development, it’s the “Walking Dead” that has got a feature in the veil of a special marker. To those who don’t know, The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror TV series that is exclusively broadcast on AMC in the US.

While looking at the entire Reddit thread about the new special marker for The Walking Dead on YouTube TV, it appears like most users have lost interest in the series because of its repetitive content. A user questioningly commented, “So whats the plot of the walking dead now? I stopped watching after season two.” Other users also expressed why they don’t watch the series anymore. shit over and over. “I stopped after season 6 but yeah it probably is one of the most overrated shows on TV,” said a user by the name of Ph0X.

Well, these are still a handful of the people but still-existing The Walking Dead fans are surely going to love the special marker for their favorite series.

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