Justice League-famed Zack Snyder wrote a sequel to 300 – a Gay Love Story

Remember the movie 300, a super homoerotic action flick that was released in 2007 starred by Scottish actor Gerard Butler? Well, Zack Snyder wrote it. The movie soon ignited the awakening of many gay millennials and young guys across the globe. Apparently, Zack wrote a sequel to it as well featuring a full-fledged gay love story although it might not pan out.

Zack Snyder’s 300 sequel

Zack Snyder recently gave an interview with The Playlist where he mentioned that he actually sat and wrote the sequel to the 2007 movie in the early stages of the pandemic last year. It would have been the third installment in the franchise with the first being 300 released in 2007 followed by its sequel 300: Rise of an Empire released in 2014. Apparently, while the 55-year-old writer was drafting the story, he changed a few things here and there and added a queer love story.

Snyder said that he penned a gay love story between two prominent figures in Greek history i.e. Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, his general. The draft was then taken to the Warner Bros. studio that produced the other two films as a final chapter in the hit franchise. He added that although he had a different angle to perceive in the film, however, ended up penning a gay love story during writing the story. However, it didn’t fit as a third installment in an action flick.

The studio wasn’t impressed with the draft and rather denied the draft stating that it doesn’t seem like a sequel but a rather different film overall. Snyder has mentioned that the relationship between him and the studio is strained. No doubt it took a lot of time and effort by the filmgoers to bring a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League which released on HBO Max this year as opposed to the theatrical release of Justice League by Joss Whedon bombed.

Snyder is currently working on Netflix for his movie Army of the Dead and one could expect the ‘300’ sequel penned by Snyder might arrive on Netflix. It is named Blood and Ashes if that’s something you are looking for.


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