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Zanilia Zhao Celebrates William Feng’s Birthday | 

Zanilia Zhao Celebrates William Feng’s Birthday

China’s most popular TV actress Zanilia Zhao (赵丽颖) is back in business, as she has just started work on her comeback drama Legend of Fei <有翡>, her first drama since giving birth to her first child with actor William Feng (冯绍峰).

It has been almost exactly one year since William and Zanilia announced their marriage, and seven months since Zanilia gave birth to their son. The couple have stayed low profile all year, and not much was known about their private life with the exception of a few social media updates here and there.

But this week, the couple were finally spotted out in public. It was a birthday party at a hot pot restaurant for William, who turned 41 years old on October 7. Zanilia also wished William a happy birthday on social media.

Zanilia arrived at the restaurant separately, with her bodyguard, and was a few steps behind William who was already waiting for her at the restaurant entrance. Other friends who attended the small-scale party were their coworkers and staff members.

Zanilia and William also left separately, as they both had work obligations. Zanilia left first, and didn’t forget to wave her husband goodbye. William left in a separate mini-van, to another filming location.

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