Zoë Kravitz’s new Catwoman, What do fans Want?

Let’s take a closer look At Zoë Kravitz’s new Catwoman!

With the release of the Batman – DC FanDome teaser by Warner Bros. Pictures the fans have been buzzing with excitement. And this excitement is brewing not only from the anticipation of seeing our “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson acting the classic role of Batman but also from the new look of our latest Catwoman played by Zoë Kravitz. 

Zoë Kravitz's new Catwoman

Catwoman is a character that is usually associated with a woman with seductive charm, a slinky black suit with pointy black ears, sharp wit, and a whip. Sometimes also portrayed as a female “Robin Hood” who steals from the rich and takes care of the poor. An anti-heroine and occasionally a villain. 

The Catwoman first appeared in movies during 1966 played by Lee Meriwether, dressed in a black bodysuit, those statement raven ears and golden necklace paired with a golden belt, were her style back then. Since then a lot has changed.

Lately, Anne Hathaway was seen enacting the role with her own modern touch, in 2011, in the film “The Dark Knight Returns”. The raven ears were replaced by the high-tech glasses and the whip essentially was let go for a more lethal weapon, a gun. The black leather suit did justice to her fashionable yet practical look. 

Now it is time to see what is in the bag for the Catwoman portrayed by Zoë Kravitz. And from the new look, given by the teaser the fans have been let down a little. Zoë Kravitz was seen in a black sweater mask roughly made, with her well-remembered pointy ears, black jeans, and a gun. 

The fans believe that this look would be enhanced later when the movie actually comes to the theaters. Until then they have not been behind in making sure that their wishes are known by creating some of their own fanart. Where her armed stealth-proof look is essentially what fans are looking for. Take a look at Pennock_art fanart.

Catwoman Fanart

Zoë Kravitz has some big shoes to fill, with her previous works in big franchises like “ Fantastic Beasts” and “ Mad Max Fury Road” she has delivered and we know she can do it again. And unlike Robert Pattinson her experience with superheroes films like “X-Men: The First Class” and “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” will hopefully pay off. 

Zoë Kravitz mentioned in her interview with Ellen Show that she has had many fittings and has been “Training a ton” for the role. This makes the fan at ease as they will be able to see a more fierce look of Catwoman, in the coming months, which is what they expect. 

The Batman which was originally supposed to release on June 25 2021 will now be screening on March 4, 2022, due to covid difficulties. The excitement is high but the wait is still a little long.

Are you excited to see Zoë Kravitz’s feisty version of Catwoman, or is it just about Batman?

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