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Zonnique Pullins And Reginae Carter Dance In Front Of The Camera In Mexico, But Deyjah Harris Is Not Here For This

It’s been revealed that Tiny Harris and Toya Wright took their daughters on vacay in Mexico. Reginae Carter shared footage in which fans can see her and Zonbnique Pullins dancing in front of the camera.

Deyjah Harris also makes a short appearance in the video, but she doesn’t want to follow the ladies’ behavior, and she walks away. Check out the video below.

Someone commented: ‘Deyjah doesn’t partake in foolish activities,’ and another follower said: ‘SHE STARTED POINTING AT REGINAE ? like she wasn’t bout to do that.’

A follower posted: ‘Deyjah said she “ headed out “ she knows what time it is when she goes back home ?’

Someone else wrote: ‘hmm maybe she said, I have a little more integrity for myself to dance and twerk on live? Respecting HERSELF more than her father ??‍♀️’

A follower believes that ‘Deyjah is going to end up leaving home and breaking all contact with her dad once she can actually end up on her feet. I had an insane and controlling dad like that too and I rarely want anything to do with him.’

Someone else joked about Tip and said: ‘T.I on the plane to Mexico expeditiously ?’

Probably the whole music industry knows by now that rapper T.I. goes with his daughter, Deyjah Harris at the gynecologist on a regular basis just to make sure that his precious daughter is still a virgin.

He received a ton of backlash after he made it all public on the radio.


People slammed him for being sexist and controlling.

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