Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross-Platform/Cross-Play Compatible? (PS4, XBOX, PS5, Switch)

Online Multiplayer-based survival gaming fandom has been asking everywhere, is Risk of Rain 2 Cross-Platform/Cross-Play Compatible? And we have come up with the answer in this article. Continue reading this article for your response.

Risk of Rain 2, developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing in 2019, was a perfect sequel to the rogue-like RPG Risk of Rain (2013). Supporting Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and Xbox One platforms, the need for compatibility between platforms in Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer mode arises.

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In Risk of Rain 2, battle hordes of crazed creatures – with pals or alone – to escape a strange world that’s falling apart. You may start by combining several different treasure drops and then take your time to perfect each character until you become the havoc you dreaded the first time you crashed. The paths are full of enemies and gigantic bosses to try to prevent you from surviving. You can win or lose as you try to fight your way to the boss, flee, or keep going until you find out how long you can live. The game features a scaling system where you and your opponents’ abilities grow without limit while fighting.

Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross-Platform/Cross-Play Compatible?

No, Risk of Rain 2 currently does not support cross-playing between multiple platforms. Developers from Hopoo Games hasn’t reported any news on this, and we shall wait until Risk of Rain 2 updates.

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A person performing on a PC can collaborate with another player playing on an Xbox or PlayStation 4 console, and vice versa. This is referred to as Cross-Platform play in multiplayer video games. Risk of Rain 2 supports a large number of platforms, and this approach entails navigating through a plethora of subtleties through network issues and game-code complexity, such as minimising performance gaps and providing console users with focused help. Many AAA game companies, let alone Hopoo Games, a tiny company with limited resources, do not bother with high-end cross-platform functionality.

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According to the developer’s past, the prospect of cross-play in Risk of Rain 2 during the next several years is unlikely. Previous versions of Hopoo have not focused on extreme cross-platform accessibility. Risk of Rain 1 has some cross-platform capability between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, although it is not substantial because it is not as tough to make it work when compared to Stadia and Switch.

Cross-Platform is a fantasy implemented in revenue-rich, highly advertised games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Apex legends, Rocket league. But Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer can be played on more than 5 platforms, and encompassing compatibility between them would require extensive corporate support, which is not the case for Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 updates list

That being said, even though the answer of “Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross-Platform ?” is still negative, it is hopeful to imagine that Risk of Rain 2 updates with a great deal of support and facilities in the future. Multiple expansions and DLCs are planned, and Hopoo Games might hire someone to focus on Cross-Platform capability throughout that time.

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