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13 Best Apps Like Snapchat | Snapchat Alternatives

Apps Like Snapchat

Today’s article will demonstrate the importance of the Best Apps like Snapchat, which performs impeccably remarkable as irreplaceable Snapchat Alternatives. But first, let us know about Snapchat and what makes it so unique that it is hard to be replaced by apps similar to Snapchat.

Snapchat, owned by Spiegel and Murphy, has ascended to the ranks of a major social media powerhouse that hasn’t been bought by multi-billionaire firms like Facebook or Google. Since it decided to enter into people’s social lives in 2012, Snapchat has continuously launched innovative progressively developing functionalities into its app, starting from posting a story on your profile which vanishes quickly and achieving a Streak reward for being friends with someone for a long period of time, to clicking hilarious and adorable pictures of yourself from the giant database of filters by Snapchat. The distinctive aspect of Snapchat rests principally in the area of snaps, lenses, filters, and the automated deletion of personal messages and stories after a limited period. Even Google has included Snapchat into its own latest lineup of Pixel phones through the Quick Tap to Snap feature.

Snapchat features list

Snapchat was able to keep the unique character of such features only for a few months since other social media apps like Snapchat and filter-based photo editing apps similar to Snapchat lenses were able to imitate them in their style precisely. Most Snapchat alternatives offer their version of Snapchat stories, Snapchat filters, and Snapchat disappearing messages. Snapchat filters sparked the birth of other face filter applications and picture editing tools. But what drove people to change from Snapchat to other apps like Snapchat?

Numerous central aspects of a social media app were missing in Snapchat, and for most users, Snapchat was limited to being used as a photo and video editing app rather than conversing with friends and family and scrolling through the news feed. Social media apps like Snapchat copied the necessary filter and disappearing message features and combined them with their rich social media network. Moreover, Snapchat started facing the “Tap to Load Snapchat” error and “Snapchat Not loading Snaps” error reported continuously by users worldwide, and no permanent official fix being available for this have made them less interested in Snapchat.

Snapchat tap to load error

Hence, customers started finding Snapchat less appealing and searched for Snapchat alternatives offering a more enriching experience. There are numerous apps like Snapchat in today’s free market, but only a few can provide better service than Snapchat. We have done the extra work and have laid them out for you in the section below, along with an accompanying feature list that marks the essential services being provided absolutely free of charge. Head on to the next section to find out more.

Best Apps like Snapchat

Snapchat was critically acclaimed as an innovative creation and social marketing app for the following unique features:

  • Disappearing messages, stories, and statuses (with variable durations).
  • Create and use filters, lenses, geofilters, and share them with the community. Multiple filters can be added to a single image.
  • Using filters while video calling and sending pictures.
  • Creating a public profile for mass media following.

All the aforementioned idiosyncrasies make Snapchat a force to reckon with. But users are in continual need of apps like Snapchat, particularly because Snapchat is having widespread server troubles and issues with its iPhone app, and therefore, Snapchat has failed to meet the fundamental standards for a social media app. If you are a part of such a desperate search, find your favorite choice of Snapchat Alternatives from below:

1. Instagram

Best Apps like Snapchat - Instagram

It’s no surprise that Instagram is listed at the top among apps similar to Snapchat. With so many new capabilities, Instagram has become the Swiss army knife of social media apps, not only for posting photos and videos. Using Instagram’s new built-in face filters has never been easier. Sharing these filtered images as Stories or via direct messages is both possible and encouraged by Instagram.

Instagram is the most convenient option since so many of your pals are likely to be using the app already when utilizing face filters similar to apps like Snapchat. Instagram is, without question, one of the most popular social media networks nowadays. An effective social media marketing strategy is almost impossible without Instagram. You can always find new Instagram features since they are continuously being added to the app. Try as you may, it’s practically impossible to keep up with them all. Therefore we have mentioned the features that make it a star among Snapchat alternatives.

Features of Instagram:

  • Instagram Live Video: Enables Instagram users to stream video through their cameras in real-time. Communication with viewers and engaging with them by comments and reactions are allowed after broadcasting.
  • Instagram TV (IGTV): Apps like Snapchat such as Instagram can allow users to upload long videos and make them publically available in the IGTV section. Videos appear according to a user account, and videos can be searched separately.
  • Geo-Tagged Content: Users can tag a physical location to their post, and multiple posts belonging to the exact location are shown upon exploring that area using Geo-Tagging in apps similar to Snapchat.
  • Hashtagging post: Hashtags are strings followed after a hash symbol, and these tags group together posts of similar interest, as specified by the series of alphabets after the # symbol.
  • Stories: Apps like Snapchat feature stories (creative content in the form of an image, stickers, emojis, video, or link to other content) in a slideshow, which automatically disappears after 24h.
  • Instagram Filters: Lenses and filters were quickly adopted by apps similar to Snapchat, and Instagram has probably the best collection of custom filters and stickers among other Snapchat Alternatives. Users can edit images and videos using filters, but multiple filters cannot be applied to the same media.
  • Instagram ads, dedicated shopping area, Instagram Creative Studio, News Feed, and Instagram analytics are noteworthy features.

2. Facebook Messenger

Best Apps like Snapchat - Facebook Messenger

Snapchat has been under the watchful eye of Facebook since its launch. Snapchat had discovered a new method to capture people and keep them interested, and the social media behemoth was on to it. And at the same time, as Snapchat was becoming more popular, Facebook was becoming a little boring. Following a failed attempt to acquire Snapchat, Facebook included Snapchat-like features in several other products, including Instagram and Facebook Messenger. They are now both good Snapchat alternatives, and we focus on the characteristics of Messenger here.

3D masks, face filters, and special effects quickly became popular among Messenger users, and the quality of these features has only improved over time. Inculcating Snapchat-like features have made Facebook even popular than before, and some noteworthy features are as follows:

  • While on a video call with friends, we can play online games, watch clips, movies, TV series, and create funny moments with built-in stickers and filters together with everyone in the group call.
  • End-to-end encryption facilities make your online communication secure and trustworthy for apps like Snapchat.
  • We can use emojis, stickers, and gifs to express ourselves among others without even saying something textually.
  • The My Days feature was rebranded to Facebook Stories in 2017, and it became an excellent aspect of Facebook Messenger.
  • We can post content in News Feed, sell or buy anything through the Facebook marketplace, interact with anyone while maintaining our privacy, and spend leisure time by binging random videos and reels through apps like Snapchat such as Facebook.

3. Tiktok


TikTok is a video-sharing social media network that allows users to create, share, and discover short films, thus making it a powerful choice among apps like Snapchat. Young people use the app to express themselves via singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. It also enables users to make movies and share them with others on their social networks. If we see closely, TikTok has more rigorous video editing capabilities than Snapchat, as the customizability of videos is really extensive in nature. But Tiktok is limited to sharing videos as there is no place for pictures in this Snapchat Alternatives. Some notable Tiktok features are:

  • Upload videos directly to your account and edit them with any effect you deem fit in the video context.
  • Collaborate with your friends who live far away by creating Duet Video, and you can either react to their video or participate in a similar context.
  • Create a unique collection of your memories via a slideshow of pictures available by default in these apps like Snapchat.
  • Lip sync videos are challenging to create on your own, so these perfect Snapchat Alternatives include a timer for video recording, which gives you a visual cue to start your action according to the particular video template.
  • You can be live on Tiktok, although the interactivity with viewers is limited to comments only.
  • Tiktok has additional privacy for kids under 13 years, and via this, kids can see safe and regulated content and cannot upload their own clips or search for others.

4. Telegram

Snapchat Alternatives - Telegram

Telegram is an incredibly simple-to-use but secure smartphone messaging application. It is among the best Snapchat alternatives for Android and iOS, and according to the developers, the software is the quickest texting app on the market. Telegram connects individuals using its one-of-a-kind network of dispersed data centers located around the world.

Telegram users may send and receive messages, conduct audio, and video calls, share files, establish group conversations with up to 200,000 people, and even build bots to do basic tasks. Telegram is an excellent platform for collaboration and the hosting of significant online communities.

Telegram is very simple to use because of its minimalist design. Being under apps similar to Snapchat, you may share self-destructing material through Telegram’s private conversations. In terms of security, it ranks highly among the finest Snapchat alternatives for Android and iOS.

Beneficial features of Telegram:

  • Secret chat like Snapchat
  • Create public groups and group chats easily.
  • File sharing up to 1.5 GB
  • High privacy and security
  • Intelligent bots to make additional functions
  • No news feed, no face filters, and no screenshot alerts are available

5. Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Using Marco Polo, you may communicate with others through video chat and video messaging. In terms of video, it’s pretty profound under apps similar to Snapchat. You may send video messages to be viewed later or make video calls to communicate with someone right now. However, unlike Snapchat, this software saves your video messages so that you may watch them again later. If you think of a Snapchat that doesn’t self-destruct and only works in video, you have a rough idea of what Marco Polo is like.

The software makes use of your phone number, and you may use it to form different groups for your family, friends, and other people who share interests. The video quality was more than enough for the majority of viewers. Additionally, it is entirely free to use. Some additional features are:

  • All connections are made by number, so kids are safe from outside influence.
  • No ads or inappropiate content
  • Messages are deleted directly from the server.
  • Not connected to large social media networks
  • Such apps like Snapchat can change videos and voices easily.

6. Wickr Me

Best Apps like Snapchat - Wickr Me

As far as apps similar to Snapchat go, Wickr Me is at the top of the heap. iPhone and Android users may download Wickr Me, a Snapchat Alternatives software. It includes everything a user might want or need, including encrypted communications, voice notes, and the ability to share videos and images. Wickr Me’s stickers and picture and video filters are different from those on Snapchat, but they aren’t as fun.

Self-destructing pictures, videos, and messages are also available in the app. The Wickr Me app’s complete anonymity is another perk. Your correspondence is entirely private and untraceable by anybody. In contrast to Snapchat, you may import your contacts or search for your pals by name. Some of its essential features are:

  • Fully anonymous
  • Extremely fast and secure
  • No ads
  • No sync between devices
  • No screenshot alert

7. Sweet Snap

Sweet Snap

As previously said, Snapchat was the first to popularise the use of face filters. As for those seeking only face filter apps like Snapchat, Sweet Snap is an excellent choice to consider. This app is used by more than 100 million users worldwide, which should tell you a lot about how good the app is.

Selfies have never been simpler to snap, and Sweet Snap makes it even easier to enhance them with various filters, stickers, and beauty effects. Expect to spend a significant amount of time combing through their almost limitless variety of special effects and filters, as you will not be disappointed. You may even make animated GIFs if you so want.



You need to go no farther than the SNOW camera app if you want to use augmented reality cosmetic capabilities being on the list of apps like Snapchat. The fact that it is used by more than 200 million individuals worldwide is a testament to its solid but user-friendly capabilities. Even while SNOW offers you access to hundreds of stickers, the feature that distinguishes it from the competition is its ability to discover your perfect picture using augmented reality-driven beauty and cosmetics effects.

The diverse effects enable you to draw attention to specific moments in your day, experiment with alternative styles and cosmetics, and create aesthetically appealing pictures with the software’s built-in creative toolset. Additionally, a video editing tool is available to help you make your movies even more attractive to your social network followers using such beautiful Snapchat Alternatives filter apps.

9. Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Even if you’ve tried every social networking apps like Snapchat available, you’ll find that certain functions are missing from each one. Bigo Live may be an exception to the rule. Users that wish to live-stream and share their daily experiences, skills, and hobbies with the world may utilize Bigo Live, which is named as such.

Bigo Live is a popular live streaming service with over 200 million users. The more you learn about this software, the more excited you will be about it. Go live, and users may communicate with one other while also sharing anything they want with their followers and earning money or receiving presents. A lot of gamers like it since it allows them to demonstrate their abilities through Snapchat Alternatives.

10. YouCam Perfect

Youcam Perfect

Selfie editing is easy with the right apps like Snapchat. YouCam Perfect should be your go-to app for taking great photos and videos as one of Snapchat alternatives. As of now, there are more than 300 million individuals worldwide that utilize this camera and editing software. With YouCam Perfect, you’ll have all the tools you need to take beautiful pictures that are worth sharing. When it comes to entertaining camera effects and facial touch-ups, YouCam Perfect is the clear winner.

There is no learning curve to using YouCam Perfect’s picture editing capabilities. Even if you have to put in some time learning the features, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can transform a drab picture into something you’ll be proud to share with your followers on social media. Additional facial filters, stickers, and beautification features may be unlocked by purchasing the YouCam Perfect Premium subscription.

11. Cluster

Best Snapchat Alternatives Cluster

Cluster is a private picture album for family and friends that is accessible only to them. It enables you to build picture albums and share them with specific individuals, which is really convenient. A private and secure environment where you may exchange films and photographs with just the people that matter to you is made possible by Cluster.

Cluster does not have any built-in picture editing tools, facial filters, or the ability to receive messages or phone calls. It’s similar to having a digital picture book where you can save all of your favorite memories in one place.

Pros of Cluster:

  • Easy sharing of pictures among groups
  • Proper syncing facility between mobile and the Internet
  • You will receive a notification when someone messages you

Cons of Cluster:

  • No built-in option to chat or send text messages to friends
  • There exist no filters or editing tools for photos and videos
  • Many of the modern features are missing

12. Imgur

Best Snapchat Alternatives Imgur

Imgur is one of the Snapchat Alternatives that is accessible for iPhone and Android users. The app has no competition when it comes to spicy memes, humorous pet videos, and other entertaining stuff. The program lets users create short films and GIFs, which they can subsequently share with other members of the Imgur community or publish to other social networking platforms.

Imgur does not have a chat function or the ability to send self-destructing messages like Snapchat, but it does offer a newsfeed filled with funny movies, memes, and GIFs.

Imgur Pros:

  • Presence of an illustrative and engaging newsfeed
  • Helps us in the creation of GIFs through a helpful GIF creator
  • Lots of trending memes and amusing GIFs to keep you soaked into the app

Imgur Cons:

  • No chatting feature
  • No photo editing tools present
  • No face lens or filters
  • No self-destructing stories or messages

13. Clipchat

Best Snapchat Alternatives Clipchat

If you delve below the surface of Clipchat, you’ll see that it’s more than simply another Snapchat Alternative. Parents have legitimate worries about their children’s online activities, despite the fact that they frequently act as if they don’t. Snapchat’s messaging service, which allows users to shoot a picture or a short video and transmit it to their pals, caught the young world by storm. However, taking screenshots was a piece of cake, hence, a message could be saved to the phone of a quick-fingered receiver and subsequently circulated.

In addition to being as simple to use as Snapchat, the new app Clipchat provides a number of important security features:

  • There is a five-second time limit on clips, which is half that of a snap and they are delivered as pixelated images.
  • Multi-colored squares appear as a crisp image only when users touch and hold the screen. If there is too much skin tone, there exists an ability to delete messages that aren’t appropriate.
  • By the time Snapchat tells the recipient that someone has taken a screenshot, it’s too late. When an attempt is made to take a screenshot in Clipchat, the screen goes black to prevent the screenshot from being taken.
  • Each incoming message on Clipchat has a friend control button that can be accessed by clicking on it. To respond, add as a friend, block, or report the sender for offensive content, all you have to do is tap on the sender’s name when you go to your inbox to see your clips.


Is Snapchat safe for kids?

Is Snapchat Safe for Kids

Snapchat is not safe for kids, as anyone can create a Snapchat account irrespective of their age limit. Therefore anyone can sign up for an account simply by entering a fake birth date. Moreover, viewers and recipients can take a screenshot and save the Snaps bestowed to them privately, giving them to other people or making them viral without the creator’s consent. Disappearing stories and snaps couldn’t keep someone from taking a screenshot.

If you want Snapchat to become a safe environment for your child, you can set up a Snapchat account yourself, but there are no parent-and-child account features that allow you to keep an eye on what they’re posting. You can encourage your children to use Snapchat Alternatives mentioned here in this list, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, which contains elaborate parental guidance features and content control settings, thereby providing a safe and non-toxic environment for your children to grow.

Can you get Snapchat filters without having Snapchat?

Can you get Snapchat filters without having Snapchat

It is impossible to find Snapchat filters directly without having Snapchat installed on Android or iPhone devices. Snapchat filters are limited exclusively for users logged into the app, and they can create other Snapchat lenses there. There are different methods for acquiring Snapchat filters without Snapchat, but they won’t provide the exact replica of the various lenses present in Snapchat.

The Snapchat Alternatives described here have managed to create a perfect working replica of Snapchat filters, and users can utilize them in the same way as apps like Snapchat. You can capture a funny version of your face, a cute snap of your pets, or a diverse photo of the world around you using these redefined apps like Snapchat filters. Search through our extensive listing to regain the Snapchat filters without having Snapchat.

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Although Snapchat took over the world by its inventive ideas regarding photos and videos being edited, the lack of features, network issues, and Snapchat being unsafe for kids are significant issues that everyone cannot accept. This article focuses on apps like Snapchat, which removes the limitations of a photo editing app, promotes social media features, and helps parents and kids feel safe alike. Go through the listings, and let us know about your favorite choice through a comment below.

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