Google Gboard keyboard App Now Available on Wear OS

It seems like Google is finally focusing on Wear OS. The developers at Google seem to have forgotten the operating system for smartwatches in favor of Android. Many tech enthusiasts and YouTubers are straight out telling people to avoid WearOS powered smartwatches at all costs. It isn’t surprising at all since OS for smartwatches like Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch OS is superior when it comes to, well, almost everything.

Moreover, Wear OS hasn’t been updated ever since the release of Android 9. Some sources indicate that the Mountain View-based company will shower Wear OS with the love and care it needs. The rumors suggest that Google will do something for the operating system at the Google I/O 2021. Well, seems like they are already updating the platform by making the much-loved Gboard now available on smartwatches.

Of course, using a keyboard on a smartphone might not look like a good idea first, but Google’s implementation of Gboard might change your perspective. The company has introduced the gliding feature over to the smartwatch, and to everyone’s surprise, it is swift and accurate. Some other features that made their way to Wear OS include Gboard gestures, QWERTY layout, voice typing, and even support for multiple input methods.

The WearOS version of Gboard also supports multiple input methods, multi-language support, word suggestions, and corrections, along with the emoji options found on the standard Gboard.

Gboard is now available for Wear OS on the Google Play Store. In a blog post for Wear OS, Google announced that it has more plans for Wear OS.


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