Google Play Books Makes Reading Children’s Books Easier: Adds New Tools, Features

If you’re a regular Google Play Books user, especially if you read children’s books, then your reading experience is going to be enhanced with the latest update. Google has announced several new features for Play Books that will make it easier for you to read children’s books on this service. The addition of new features is going to make your overall reading experience easier as you no longer have to manually do certain things. Here’s what’s new coming to Google Play Books.

Google Play Books New Features

According to the official Google Blog, several new tools have been added to Google Play Books for making the overall reading experience of children’s books easier. Now, users will see a bunch of new features on the platform that automates a few things, so you no longer have to manually do certain things. Check out the new features and reading tools that you’re going to see with this update below:

Read and Listen

Google Play Books Makes Reading Children's Books Easier: Adds New Tools, Features

One of the newly-added features on Google Play Books includes a “read and listen” tool that reads your books’ pages for you loudly. With this you can just listen to your book without having to read it by yourself. The service will automatically do it for you. And not just this, it can even turn the pages of your book automatically, so you can just sit back, relax, and listen to your books’ collection. Further, the new tool will also highlight the word it is currently reading out loud, which means you will know where it is on the current page of your book.

Tap to Read and Illustrated Dictionary Definitions

Now, you can tap on any word on the page to hear it spoken out loud. If you or your kids don’t understand the meaning of any word then you can use the built-in kids-friendly dictionary to get illustrative definitions and meanings. These kids-friendly definitions are written in a way that kids understand the meanings of words without any complexities. Alongside, there are illustrated definitions that you’ll often see to describe the meaning of a word. It makes learning new words even more easier.

Google Play Books Makes Reading Children's Books Easier: Adds New Tools, Features

How to Access New Reading Tools

In Google Play Books, you’ll find a large catalog of books designed for your children aged 0-8 years. Most of these titles have reading tools already enabled. You can access these new features or tools in nearly all kids’ books. However, if you want to purchase a book, and you’d like to know if they’ve the reading tools enabled, then you can check this first in the free version. If the free version of the book has these tools enabled, then you should get them in the purchased version as well.

You Get Free Sample Books to Use New Reading Tools

Google has provided free sample books to let users access the newly introduced reading tools. These are some of the titles where you can use the new reading tools for free. 

Ara the Star Engineer

Family Forever

We’re Amazing, 1-2-3!

You can try the new reading tools on Google Play Books for free on the above-mentioned books. So if you like these tools then you can buy the books you want to read and use these tools on.

This is how Google has now made reading children’s books on Google Play Books much easier than ever. The illustrative dictionary is an amazing way to learn new words in a fun way.

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