iPhone 13 Users Report GPS Not Showing Accurate Location, Suspect Hardware Issue

Apple launched its iPhone 13 series in September this year, and since then, many users have been loving these premium smartphones. However, like many other smartphones, the latest Apple iPhone line-up also comes with some issues. Since the release of these phones, users have reported several issues like faster battery drain, blurry selfies, auto-brightness problems, and more. But now, a new issue has been troubling iPhone 13 users that can put them in danger while driving.

According to multiple user reports on the Apple discussions forum, the iPhone 13 series is having problems with the GPS. Some iPhone 13 series users have complained their GPS service on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro/Max is not showing an accurate location. The device reportedly can not determine its exact GPS location and shows that it’s located at some nearby place than where it actually is. Note that this is not just happening on Apple Maps. The same problem is occurring on Google Maps and other services that use GPS.

iPhone 13 Users Report GPS Not Showing Accurate Location, Suspect Hardware Issue

Users Suspect a Hardware Issue, Rebooting Fixes the Problem Temporarily

As per the reports, the GPS service on iPhone 13 series locates the device about 50 – 100 meters away from where it actually is. For example, if you locate your iPhone 13 while sitting at your home, the GPS shows that it’s located outside the house or on the street. While some users say that this might be a software-related bug, but many point out that this might be an issue with the hardware. However, some users report that rebooting or turning off 5G on the iPhone 13 fixes the issue, although temporarily. So, it’s likely that the said problem may be due to some bug in the iOS.

In one iPhone 13 Pro user’s words:

I have the same problem on iPhone 13pro, gps would show me driving on another street 50 yards away. I have to turn off and on the location services in setting, and the gps will function perfectly again, it’s annoying and dangerous to do while driving. Apple, please fix this issue.

As of now, Apple does not seem to be aware of this issue. But we hope the company fixes this as soon as possible, as it might be dangerous for users who rely on GPS while driving.

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