Pixel 6 Brings New “Wait Times” and “Direct My Call” Features to Enhance Users’ Calling Experience

Google’s latest smartphone series, the Pixel 6, is finally launched and we now know what the devices have to offer. Among the various features of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google has introduced two features related to calling businesses in the US. Called “Wait Times” and “Direct My Call,” the features allow users to make calling businesses easier. Before users even place their call to a toll-free business number, they’ll see the current and projected Wait Times for the rest of the week. This can help them decide when to place a call to avoid long waits.

The tech giant has introduced another feature, Direct My Call, to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices in the US. When a user calls the business, Direct My Call helps him get to the right place with less hassle. This feature uses Google Assistant to transcribe the automated message and menu options for users in real-time and displays them on their screens. From there, they can simply tap without having to remember all the options.

Direct My Call Uses Google’s Duplex Technology

Pixel 6 Brings New "Wait Times" and "Direct My Call" Features to Enhance Users' Calling Experience

Direct My Call uses Google’s Duplex technology for advanced speech recognition and language understanding. The feature determines when the business wants a user to do something – like select a number (“Press 1 for hours and locations”) or input something else. This makes the user save a lot of time and makes it easier to call a business number. However, Direct My Call is currently available in the US only.

Apart from this, Google is bringing another feature that will let users know who’s calling them. This feature is made for users to deal with unknown numbers. The tech giant said that it is improving its extensive caller ID coverage of businesses with the help of users. Users can share information about unknown businesses that they call or answer and over time that information will be displayed on incoming calls to help other users know who’s calling them.

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