Pixel 6 Pro Has a Weird Camera Problem in Night Mode, Google Doesn’t Acknowledge the Issue

Google Pixel 6 Pro is, no doubt, one of the best premium flagships out there, but like many other phones, it also comes with several issues. Today we’ve got to know about a weird issue in the Pixel 6 Pro’s camera, which Google has not acknowledged.

In a report from the German website Tarnkappe.Info, some Google Pixel 6 Pro phones show weird spots/stains in the camera viewfinder and the finished image in night mode. The unfortunate part of this is that Google does not acknowledge this problem and appears to ignore it for some reason. The cause is still unclear, but some users suspect that the problem lies in the camera hardware, specifically in the camera lens.

Pixel 6 Pro Has a Weird Camera Problem in Night Mode, Google Doesn't Acknowledge the Issue
Image courtesy: Tarnkappe.Info

Suspected Cause of Spots in Pixel 6 Pro Camera

According to the report, the problem of stains appearing in the Pixel 6 Pro camera could be due to air pockets in the lens. However, some people believe that the problem lies in the software and how Google AI processes the night photos. Moreover, the spots appear only in the original Google camera app in night mode. That too when you use the main camera. When you switch to the wide-angle camera (0.7x), you only get a lot of noise, per the report. So, it looks like the spots become visible only when there is a longer exposure time.

Apart from this, the report also notes that the problem does not appear with another camera app. For example, if you use the Open Camera app on the Pixel 6 Pro at night, those spots don’t appear. It reportedly happens only when the original Pixel 6 camera app is used.

While Google currently seems to ignore the presence of such an issue in the Pixel 6 Pro, we believe the company will fix it through an update — if it is due to some issue in the software.


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