Now You Can Take Polaroids of Nintendo Switch Screenshots Using this Fujifilm Printer

If you are a hardcore Nintendo Switch gamer, you will love replenishing memories of that particular game (s) or match. That’s where the new app from Fujifilm comes into play. Fujifilm in partnership with Nintendo has released a new app and a new Instax Mini Link smartphone printer that lets users take a snapshot on Nintendo Switch and print it using the Instax Mini Link smartphone printer in a jiffy.

Check out the official trailer here.

The Instax Mini Link for the Nintendo Switch app is slated to roll out on App Store and Google Play Store on April 30. Users can download it which is free to use. Plus, Fujifilm is now selling a special edition of Instax Mini Link with blue and red accents available for a price tag of $100. If you want, you can check out the Pikachu bundle which is just a bit expensive at $120. Both the special edition and Pokemon-themed bundle are slated to go on sale on April 30 worldwide.

Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch

Talking about how it works, simply take a screenshot of any moment when playing on your Nintendo Switch. Use the Instax Mini Link for the Nintendo Switch app where you need to scan the QR code that the Switch prepares after you take a screenshot. Next up, you can edit it using various themes and 59+ frames to choose from. Of course, the app is competent to provide cropping and customizing the images further.

Once done, simply render the screenshot to print via the Instax Mini Link using Bluetooth connectivity and wait for just a few seconds to get their hands on the Polaroid-style images.

Nintendo could be adding more themes including the most-anticipated The Legend of Zelda and other franchises. The Instax Mini Link printer is just a small piece of machinery that you can simply slip into your pockets.

This particular printer follows the steps of the Game Boy Printer that Nintendo released in 1998. It was a staple of memories as it used to print polaroid of the user’s favorite moment. The printer used a 38mm proprietary thermal paper to create physical photos of the screenshots. It worked on games like Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Yellow, among others

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