6 Best Renderforest Alternatives To Edit Gaming Videos

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Renderforest is an all-in-one and one-in-all branding platform that assembles and accumulates video, logo, mockup, and website creation under one head and in one place. It makes creating slideshows, music visualizations, promotional animations, logo animations, and other kinds of videos a cakewalk even for newbies.

This video editing platform is primarily used by professional video creators as it provides pre-made video templates and makes adding editing effects a simple task. You can add music to your videos and even use advanced editing effects to make your videos and slideshows stand out from the rest.

However, owing to the high pricing of Renderforest, many novices and small companies prefer going in for the best available Renderforest alternatives to accommodate their gaming video editing requirements at pocket-friendly costs.

Here is a list of some of the best Renderforest alternatives for you to pick from.

Renderforest Alternatives for Editing Gaming Videos

1. Visme

One of the most sought-after alternatives for Renderforest, Visme is used widely and extensively by professionals in the field of gaming and editing. It is extremely user-friendly and is used primarily for making on-brand visuals and marketing content, apart from gaming videos. Its features include:

  • Offers more than 100 fully-customizable pre-existing video templates
  • Offers many pre-animated visuals which can be used directly in your videos
  • Offers premium fonts and stock media elements
  • Options for exporting finished videos
  • Has excellent and easy sharing and embedding features
  • Offers a brand kit to organize colors, themes, etc.

In comparison to Renderforest, Visme offers a better bang for your buck as it comes loaded with many more templates included for everything visual.

2. InVideo

One of the best editing platforms for editing any kind of video, InVideo works well for beginners as well as experts.

Its intuitive user interface enables the creation of videos easily and conveniently. What’s great about this video creation platform is that it has a free version as well, and this enables small gaming companies to save on their video creation costs.

Video game creators and video game marketers alike can easily use this platform for creating high-quality video content. The main features of InVideo are:

  • Provides access to more than 5000 pre-made video templates that can assist you in creating videos with the latest manual interference as they are highly customizable and can fit into every requirement.
  • Gives access to more than 50 themes for converting text to video
  • Offers more than 8 million stock elements
  • Provides subscription which enables you to add watermark to your videos
  • Video creators can collaborate and work on the same project at the same time
  • Provides chat support with experts for any assistance needed

3. Powtoon

For video creation, whiteboard animation, and gaming videos, many professional video creators and businesses use Powtoon as an alternative to Renderforest. It allows gaming companies to create branded videos and share them with ease on social media apps. Its features include:

  • It provides access to many stock images/videos, animated characters, stickers, etc.
  • The Editor interface enables you to make videos with the help of pre-existing templates, and the Creator interface allows you to make attractive videos right from scratch.
  • It offers a wide library of audio tracks.
  • Offers price-friendly, economical subscription rates for students and teachers.

When comparing Powtoon with Renderforest, the latter is a better option for brand management solutions for gaming content as it provides access to logo and website makers, but if you want to simply make professional gaming videos, Powtoon makes for a better fit.

4. VideoScribe

This particular Renderforest alternative is a desktop application platform primarily used for whiteboard videos. It is not an online, cloud-based editing platform like its other counterparts; you need to install the software and work on it offline to create gaming videos. It has many editing options, and there are tutorials available on the platform to help you master them. Its features include the following:

  • It offers thousands of stickers and graphic elements to create gaming videos.
  • A 7-day free trial is available for novices to learn the editing tools and features.
  • Video creators can opt for monthly, yearly, or quarterly subscriptions to avail of this software.
  • It enables creating a video or a template right from scratch.

When compared to Renderforest, VideoScribe definitely does not offer much for branding your gaming videos, while Renderforest does serve as a branding platform.

5. Animaker

Animaker is an apt choice for those looking to make animated video presentations for games. It focuses on animating characters and creating lengthy scenes in no time at all. Its features include:

  • Has a character builder feature that enables you to create a completely different and unique character to represent your business by altering its appearance, clothes, accessories, etc. – something which is more relatable to your brand.
  • Offers the ability to add narration for your characters as well
  • Offers more than a thousand pre-existing templates
  • Provides access to many stock media elements

Renderforest is more suitable for bloggers and businesses that are looking for an all-in-one video creating and editing platform, while Animaker is apt for video game companies and businesses that are looking for customized, high-quality, engaging videos.

6. Biteable

Another great Renderforest alternative for creating videos online is Biteable. It makes for a perfect choice for making bite-size animated gaming videos, especially for your social media platforms. It is a favorite with video gamers and marketers, bloggers, businesses, and agencies.

It helps create eye-catching gaming videos and is extremely user-friendly, owing to its simple UI and timeline editing options. However, unlike its other competitors like Visme, InVideo, etc., Biteable is solely a video-creation platform and not an all-in-one management resource. Its features include:

  • It is relatively easier to use than most of the other video editing options available in the market
  • Provides free access to many license-free video clips, audio tracks, and stock images
  • There are many pre-existing video templates designed for different social media sites such as Instagram stories, Facebook news feeds, etc.
  • It offers a free version for small businesses and novices, apart from the premium and advanced versions.
  • There are tutorials available for first-time users to enable GIF creation, video creation, and more.

In comparison to Renderforest, the latter is more apt for creating video content for business promotion, but if your purpose is just to create good videos for gaming, Biteable can do the job well and even offer more templates than Renderforest.

Wrapping Up

There are several options available, with their respective benefits and drawbacks, when it comes to choosing the most appropriate Renderforest alternative for creating and editing eye-catching and unique gaming video content. However, you need to be wise and sensible in choosing the one that suffices your needs and fits into your budget the best.

Also, keeping the pricing factor in mind, you can even opt for the ones that offer multiple features and come with a free version as well, like InVideo, which offers everything from beautiful professional templates, powerful and easy-to-use editing tools, limitless libraries of free graphics, videos and audio clips, and innumerable animated assets, all under one umbrella.

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