Roku’s New Remote Features a Fancy Apple TV+ Button

Apple has now worked out a deal with Roku that has given Apple TV Plus its own shortcut button on Roku’s new remote. Interestingly, this is the first time a branded Apple TV+ button has been added on any remote control. With the latest addition, an Apple TV Plus button has now joined Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu buttons on the Roku remote.

Roku has announced a new Voice Remote Control Pro that features a headphone jack for private listening along with a rechargeable battery and two programmable shortcut buttons. Alongside the ‘usual’ branded buttons for Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus, there appears a new Apple TV Plus button now. According to the report, the Apple TV+ button will also be there on remotes that accompany the new Roku Streambar Pro and Roku Express 4K Plus. However, those two remotes won’t feature the two customizable buttons.

Roku Already Has Apple’s AirPlay 2

In recent months, Roku has taken various steps to relieve Apple users, including the last year’s addition of Apple AirPlay 2 to the Roku OS on most 4K-capable streaming products. But now, the company has said that it will expand this rollout to include Roku’s HF devices. The good thing is that Roku devices are much less expensive than the Apple TV hardware, which makes it even more tempting to buy the Roku hardware. Plus, the presence of more features makes it a good choice alternative to the Apple TV’s set-top box.

Further, it’s not just the Apple TV, but offerings from other companies, such as the Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast, that don’t support AirPlay. This gives Roku a leg over these devices as well. Overall, Roku seems to be a perfect choice for users, and the addition of the new Apple TV Plus button is a good move from Roku to get Apple TV users.

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