Sony PlayStation Accelerates Porting of Popular Games to Mobile, Confirms Job Application Listing

It seems like Sony PlayStation Studios is accelerating the porting of its popular games to mobile as the company releases a recruitment notice. The console game studio has released a recruitment notice that shows the PlayStation Studio wants to hire a head of mobile to lead its mobile game development and advocate its vision, mission, and strategy within PlayStation Studios and make it a commercial success.

According to the recruitment notice, PlayStation Studios wants to hire a Mobile head to “promote the vision, mission, strategy for mobile game development within PlayStation Studios and be responsible for driving the business unit commercial success and profitability.” It also mentions the company’s mobile 3-5yr business plan that the mobile head needs to build and execute, outlining growth targets, resources needs, and KPI’s. Another role of the hired candidate will be managing the existing mobile slate that’s already in development — all while delivering against revenue and profitability goals.

Nintendo and Blizzard Have Already Moved to Mobile

PlayStation Studios is not the first game maker to release its games for the mobile platform. In fact, many console game makers like Nintendo and Blizzard have already entered the mobile gaming market, and many more are trying to move. While Nintendo has traditionally focused on console games, since 2015, it has actually managed to develop a number of mobile games and earn over US$100 million in revenue in total. Some of its games have also entered the top-downloaded games list on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Last year in November, Blizzard also announced that it will bring three of its games, including Warcraft, StarCraft, and Overwatch to mobile. In fact, their games are available for all platforms, including mobile, PCs, and consoles. Now, PlayStation Studios is also entering the mobile gaming market, and its latest recruitment drive confirms that it has begun accelerating the process. As smartphones are getting more and more popular, all major console game makers are gradually catching up with the latest trend.

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