The Flash Season 7 Finale Explained, SPOILERS ahead

Warning this article contains SPOILER for the Season 7 Finale of Flash. Tread ahead at your own risk. 

The Flash Seventh Season came to end, and what an ending it was. The season finale of The Flash was the shortest season yet produced by The Flash ( due to Covid 19 delays and restrictions) yet it did not live short on its expectations. 

The finale was packed with action and violence, with some happy endings at the end. It brought several speedsters together in an iconic moment, who banded together to fight against a lethal threat August Heart/Godspeed ( Karan Oberoi). These allies included Barry Allen’s ( Grant Gustin) wife Iris (Candice Patton), his future children Nora-West/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Bart/Impulse (Jordan Fisher), Speed Force Nora ( Michelle Harrison), and The Flash’s right-hand man Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes). 

The finale presented an all-hands-on-deck situation where we see Barry Allen struggling with Godspeed. In a final attempt, Barry Allen turns to several speedsters due to the massive threat that Godspeed has presented. But what was most shocking, was the entry of Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash while Barry and Godspeed are fighting it out. 

This time we see something truly amazing when Barry and Eobard Thawne team together against Godspeed, and create a Speed Force lightsaber. Thawne stabs Godspeed and ends the war for the moment. But then Thawne turns on Barry in his very own fashion tries to kill him, but returns dejected once he finds out that The Flash has become faster than him. 

Hence The Flash managed to give a pretty good ending to its season ( something along the lines of Series ending) satisfying its fans. If you don’t believe us take a look at what some of the fans had to say about the same. 

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While we are happy with the finale, there are still some questions left unanswered. 

What happens to Nora and Bart West-Allen?

In The Flash season finale, we saw Barry and Iris renewing their vows, presenting with a good old happy ending and their future children were both presents for the same. Now the question is what is next for them, considering that 2049 is now technically safe again, but different due to the prevention of Jay Garrick’s death. 

It is still a possibility that we might see XS and Impulse in Flash Season 8. Even if it is just them going back to the future in 2049. This brings light to the possibility that they might get their own spin-off. However, given the emphasis on family in the last few episodes of Flash one can only hope that XS and Impulse might stick around for more than a few episodes. 

Reverse-Flash and his return 

Reverse Flash

The return of Reverse-Flash has left a lot of queries in the air. Being the arch-nemesis of Barry it is still not clear whether we will see him again in season 8 as a villain or not. The Flash has officially not announced any new villains that Barry might have to face in the future. Hence it is safe to presume that the unexpected arrival of Reverse-Flash has greater meaning for the upcoming seasons. 

When Wallace the writer of the show was asked about Reverse-Flash and his return, this is what he had to say:

 I’m not going to answer that because there’s spoilers involved there. I will only say this: The Reverse Flash is a person that keeps his promises. [Laughs]

Wallace is pointing to Reverse Flash’s promise to Barry to return and defeat him.

Will Season 8 be the last season of The Flash 

Right now no official announcement has been made regarding the ending of The Flash. The Arrowverse Drama has been set to return on November 16 with its season 8. Wallace the Writer, executive producer, and showrunner of The Flash has also teased five-part special events and some “very unexpected” guest appearances. This leaves us with the hope that there is yet a lot more to explore in the Arrowverse Drama The Flash. 

The Flash

Here is something Wallace had to say for Season 8 of The Flash:

The writers’ room has just convened. We’re a couple of weeks in and we’re going to kick the season off, as has already been announced, with our five-part special event. Now, because it’s coming up so fast, I did have to really formulate the story for this five-part event before we had finished writing Season 7. That was a little crazy, but what it did give us is a great continuity between Seasons 7 and 8. So again, for example, with Iris’s time sickness, we know exactly where we’re going with that next year…and how it will resolve.

The writing’s going well. A lot of the same writers and directors will be returning next year. We’re very excited, and who knows? There might be a few very unexpected, special guest stars, especially on our special event, so we want folks to stay tuned.

Wallace even talked about the upcoming stories and seasons in his interview with the Deadline.

 I feel this show could run easily for at least several more seasons, and possibly beyond. Because I feel like every season, we, as a writing staff, have to decide between all the wonderful stories we want to tell, versus how many episodes we actually have to tell them. We have so much more that we’d love to show the audience and give to them, as a thank you for coming along on this ride with us, but we just can’t get to it. That’s why I say, there’s many more seasons worth of stories to tell, at least from our creative perspective.

To get an insight into the whole Deadline interview click here

After hearing Wallace, we can just speculate that The Flash is here to stay. Let us know if you liked the finale of The Flash and what do you expect next from their series. 

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