Vinland Saga fans celebrate the announcement of Vinland Saga Season 2

Viking fans were surprised today when they heard the news of the second season of the anime Vinland Saga in partnership with Wit Studio.

Fans took to social media as soon as they heard the news, and even the creator of the franchise, Makoto Yukimura, was thrilled when he heard that his work was being worked on as an anime.

The story follows of life of Thorfinn after the cliffhanger in the first season changed the world for the warriors we know.

In the anime, Thorfinn is depicted like his real-life version and several other Viking kings, warriors, and other explorers. The series adds drama and fiction to history to make it interesting.

The first season of the show was animated by Wit Studio. Fans were delighted to know that they will be the one animation Season 2 as well. It seems like the director and character designer Shūhei Yabuta and Takahiko Abiru will be working on this one as well. Shuhei Yabuta has also worked on the Attack of Titan at Studio Wit.

The original manga came out in 2005 and has been published in Japan ever since. Currently, it is in its final arc, which is reported to last more than a thousand pages. You can watch the trailer below:

It will be available on Amazon Prime Videos for streaming in the United States. The release date is still unknown. We at ScoopSquare24 will update you once the release date of Vinland Saga Season 2 is known.

Are you excited for the Vinland Saga Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!


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