Xiaomi Mi 12 might be powered by LPDDR5X RAM alongside Snapdragon 898

Not even a year has passed by since the release of the Mi 11 Ultra, and rumors about the Mi 12 are already making buzz.

Just a day after JEDEC, the organization that works on bringing improvements to RAM, unveiled the LPDDR5X platform, rumors of Xiaomi jumping in on the bandwagon have surfaced online.

The latest iteration of JEDEC surpasses the current maximum data rate of 6,400 Mbps bringing it to 8.533 Mbps. If we look at the number, it is literally two times faster than the LPDDR4X.

A day hasn’t passed by, with the rumor mill spewing out news of Xiaomi being one the first smartphone companies to make use of the upgrade. The LPDDR5X platform might be featured in the upcoming Mi 12 along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898.

Xiaomi Mi 12 may be powered by LPDDR5X RAM

It is said that the Snapdragon 898 will mark the support for LPDDR5X on the platform since the current-gen (Snapdragon 888 and 865) only supports up to LPDDR5.

It might also be the first to sport the updated Cortex-X2, A710, and A510 CPU architecture. And the speculations don’t end there.

In the last few weeks, Xiaomi fans have had rumors about the upcoming Mi 12 series, some of which say that the phone will come with a 200MP, whereas others suggest a highly unlikely 200W charging.

Having said that, it remains to be seen how much of these predictions come true. Guess we will have to wait until December, which is when Xiaomi might unveil the phone if they plan to match the release date of the Mi 11.

What features do you want to see in the Mi 11? Let us know in the comments below!


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