AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Release Date and Performance Rumors Out

Ever since the release of Ray Tracing, NVIDIA has captured the gaming market. The company has also developed an image enhancing technique known as DLSS. While DLSS isn’t perfect, it is quite good at what it does. AMD’s answer to DLSS is FidelityFX Super Resolution. Sources suggest that it might come out sometime in June this year.

What are DLSS and FidelityFX?

DLSS came out with the RTX series of graphics cards. Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) basically upscales an image and shows it on the screen with minimal performance loss. According to Gigabyte, NVIDIA DLSS is a neural network with thousands of images. The network is designed for video games and runs on the CUDA cores on support NVIDIA GPUs. The network collects data from various sources and drastically improves the overall image quality. The enhanced image quality does not result in a drastic performance hit.

For almost three years, DLSS was unrivaled. However, that is going to change next month, with AMD releasing the Fidelity FX Super Resolution. The company currently offers FidelityFX, which sharpens the image without any performance loss. The precedent set by AMD is what makes gamers have high expectations from the company.

Moreover, AMD has had ample time to learn from NVIDIAs mistakes. If they are smart enough, they will surely come on top of DLSS in no time.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Performance Stats and Release Date

According to a report by the PC Gamer, people who had the chance to make use of FidelityFX Super Resolution say that the upcoming feature does not require any dedicated hardware from the company, unlike DLSS. NVIDIAs solution requires the feature to use CUDA cores, thus limiting itself to Graphic Cards only with dedicated CUDA cores.

FidelityFX Super Resolution, abbreviated as FSR, is a part of the GPU Open Library of effects, FreeSync, and the Adaptive Sync. The upcoming feature is also said to have good Ray Tracing Performance.

While the company hasn’t commented on any of this, sources indicate that FSR might be released sometime in June. The majority of information comes from the YouTuber Coreteks. The channel posted a video in a slide image that reveals key details about FSR.

  • AMD’s DLSS competitor – FSR – is already at developers
  • FSR won’t require training from a GAN pre-deployment
  • It uses algorithmic supersampling that upscales with minimal overhead
  • It’s implemented early in the pipeline
  • Requires minimal developer intervention
  • Launching in June
  • Compatible with Nvidia GPUs
  • Performance looking good but no concrete numbers vs. DLSS

While nothing is concrete, rumors about AMD FSR surely be welcomed by gamers who are having a hard time buying GPU due to the current shortage of electronic ICs worldwide.

Meanwhile, check out the video from Coreteks below:

Whatever the case might be, an alternative to NVIDIA DLSS will always be welcome since it will force the company to step up its game. AMD has brought itself back from the dead after the introduction of the Ryzen series processors. We hope it does the same with its RX lineup.



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