Android 12 No Longer Shows Screen On Time (SOT), But Here’s How You Can Restore it

Google finally unveiled Android 12, the latest version of the Android operating system, with the launch of its Pixel 6 series last month. While the new Android version brings a whole lot of new features, the operating software no longer shows the screen on time. The Mountain View-based giant, for some reason, decided to remove the screen on time stats since the last charge in Android 12. But a Reddit user has posted how users can track screen on time in Android 12 using Tasker. Here’s how you can bring the screen on time back in Android:

How to Track Screen On Time in Android 12

While Android 12 does not show the screen on time, there appears to be a way to bring it back on your phone. According to a Reddit post, users can bring back the screen on time (SOT) in Android 12 using Tasker. Here’s how you can do it yourself:

Android 12 No Longer Shows Screen On Time But Here's How You Can Restore It

First of all, users need to run Tasker on their device running Android 12. Next, they can import the following profiles/tasks using Taskernet to see the screen on time (SOT) since the last charge.

  1. Reset SOT
  2. Show SOT
  3. Track SOT
  4. Calculate SOT

These profiles calculate the screen on time and display it as a notification on you decide when you plug in or unplug the device. According to the Reddit user, the SOT stats “will rest when the device is unplugged only if the battery has reached 100%.”

Also, he notes that the SOT stats will only be updated if the device is unplugged (i.e., on battery).

Note: You accept full responsibility for any repercussions that may result from attempting any of the steps outlined in this article. Under any circumstance or case, we will not be held responsible if your device malfunctions or catches on fire.

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