Android 13 Will Reportedly Make Scanning of QR Codes Easier

QR codes have been one of the most fascinating and useful things after the boom of the smartphone industry. Be it looking for accessing information or making digital payments in one go, QR codes have proved to be the most important technology of today. But it is a little bit inconvenient to scan these little black and white squares as one needs to open the desired QR scanning app manually, which takes some effort and time. However, that seems to be going away with the next version of Android OS — the Android 13.

According to a report from AndroidPolice, Google is preparing to make the QR code scanning experience even simpler and more convenient with the upcoming Android 13 software. Reportedly, a trusted source has provided Android Police with a handful of details from Android 13 with images. The shared images show an option to “Show QR Scanner” in the lock screen section of Settings. The Show QR Scanner toggle claims to “allow access to the QR Scanner from the Android 13 lock screen. This will ease the process of scanning QR codes when in need, and the user will be able to do that directly from the lock screen of their Android smartphones.

Android 13 Will Reportedly Make Scanning of QR Codes Easier

Android 13 May Also Feature a Scan QR Code Tile in Quick Settings

According to the report, Android 13 will also add a Quick Settings tile for the QR code scanner. So users may be able to open the QR scanning mode directly from the Quick Settings without any additional interaction. Also, the report says that there may be a feature that users can simply tap the power button and have their phone immediately be ready to recognize QR codes. This might happen without any additional interaction, which will be more intuitive for some people. We don’t know to what extent this is true, but it’s quite likely that Google must be working on enhancing the QR scanning on Android devices with Android 13.

Today, QR codes are used to share many details such as Wi-Fi network information, join group chats, share files between devices, and even make digital payments using UPI (United Payments Interface) in countries like India.

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