Apple TV+ has the Highest-Rated Content among Streaming Services, says a study

If you are wondering which streaming service has the highest quality of content, think no more. According to a recent study, Apple TV + has the highest quality content amongst all streaming services.

Even though Apple TV + does not feature a lot of content, the collection it currently streams offers a high level of satisfaction. The Cupertino based tech giant is working hard to add new titles to its recently launched streaming service.

What does the study say?

According to a survey conducted by Swayam, an analytics firm, Apple TV + stands at the top amongst the 6 major streaming services that include the likes of Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Hulu. The survey took into consideration the average IMDb rating of shows on each platform.

Apple TV+ has the Highest-Rated Content among Streaming Services, says a study

The result turned out to be Apple being the highest-rated streaming service amongst all. However, one should keep in mind that average IMDb ratings are not an indication of a streaming service’s popularity or quality, since there are a lot of other endless variables involved.

Having said that, the average rating for series and movies available on Apple TV + is 7.24 out of 10. But, Apple TV + surely falls behind by an enormous margin if we take into consideration the sheer amount of titles other streaming services such as Netflix have to offer.

As of now, Apple TV + library currently hosts merely 70 titles, movies included. This is really just a speckle compared to Amazon Prime with 1.5k titles, HBO Max with 3k titles and Netflix with over 5k titles and counting.

The company that conducted this study also analyzed the per dollar content ratio of all streaming services. They calculated the content users get access to for every dollar they spend. Apple TV + came out on the bottom with the service providing 1 film and 2.4 series for every dollar spent, compared to Netflix’s 15 movies 62 series per dollar.

Apple TV + still has a long way to go when it comes to the number of 4K titles on the platform. The service currently has only 22 titles that can be streamed at 4K. However, HBO Max comes out at the bottom of the competition with just 5 titles available to stream at 4K quality.

We should note that it is unfair to compare Apple TV + to already established streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime since they are fairly new to streaming. With Apple’s budget and expertise, it won’t be long before the company proves itself as a threat to mainstream streaming services.

Apple TV fans can view the full details of the study here.


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