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How To Get Streaks Back on Snapchat? Learn Easily HERE

Are your Snapchat streaks lost.? And you have no idea how to retrieve them back? Then in this guide, I am going to show you the official way to get streaks back on Snapchat.

Snapchat is very popular among all young friend circles across the globe. Youngsters never fall short of sending Bitmojis, personalized avatar stickers, using funny filters on the face. There is even the concept of Snapchat streaks that maintain a counter of Snaps exchanged between two users (Snapchat friends to be precise).

How do Snapchat Streaks work

To increase their respective Snap Streaks, two friends must send each other Snaps every day. There are even emojis besides the Snap streak that indicates how close the friendship between the two Snapchat users is.

On the other hand, if two users do not send Snaps, then for each of the users the Snap streaks will reduce. If a user uninstalls Snapchat, then all the accumulated Snapchat streaks will be lost.

Sometimes, due to technical problems at the Snapchat server’s end or due to any bug, you may also lose Snapchat streaks.

Is it Possible to Retrieve Lost Snap Streaks

Yes, it is possible to get back your lost Snap streaks that you have accumulated over the years. The condition remains that the Snap streaks you lost must be due to a bug in the app or some issue with the server.

If you had uninstalled Snapchat and now upon reinstallation, you want your Streaks back that is not possible.

You have to appeal through the official online support team of Snapchat. You have to fill in the exact details true to your knowledge regarding the issue that caused you to lose your Snapchat streaks.

Upon submission, the support team will get back to you and most probably will solve your problem.

In the next section, I have outlined the steps that you have to follow to get back your lost Snapchat streaks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Streaks Back on Snapchat

Follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  • Get hold of your PC or Laptop
  • Open the browser
  • In the URL bar type in
  • Press enter
  • Under Popular Topics click on Snapstreaks

snapchat support

  • Navigate to the option Need Help with Something Else

snapchat - need help with something else

  • Under What Can We Help You With, select I lost my Snapstreak.

select I lost my snapstreak

  • Then a form will show up where you have to enter your Snapchat username, email, mobile number, device, friend’s username, etc.

fill the form Snapchat streaks support

  • Fill up all the details carefully and make sure you are not lying about anything.
  • If your claim is true then the Snapchat support will fix the problem and get the lost snap streaks back on your account as well as on your Snapchat friend’s account.

So, these are the easy and official steps that you have to follow to appeal to Snapchat to get your lost Snap streaks back. If you have any doubts, do let me know in the comment section.


How to maintain a Snapchat streak?

1. Make It Part Of Your Morning Routine– The majority of individuals have a morning routine that they follow religiously, and that has become a part of their everyday lives. Your morning ritual might include sending a brief photo to a pal as part of your greetings. You’ll never miss a chance to take a picture again.

2. Making your Snapchat streak more exciting by incorporating it into your regular routine can increase the amount of time you spend on it. For example, if you go for a jog every morning, make it a practice to share a photo of your run for the day on your social media accounts.

3. Don’t Procrastinate – Even if snapping is probably not the most important thing to do right now, never put it off until tomorrow. Send one right away so that you may go back to doing the things you need to accomplish in your everyday life.

4. Set A Goal With Your Friends And Commit To It — A Snapchat streak is a two-way street. It is essential that both you and your companion be dedicated for this to succeed. Consequently, it is best for you and your friend to set a goal of maintaining a Snapchat streak for a specified period of time.

If you fail to maintain a Snapchat Streak due to a bug in the app or an issue in the server, go through our article on How to get streaks back on Snapchat.

What are the benefits of maintaining a Snapchat streak?

1. A Fun Social Game To Play With Your Friend – A Snapchat streak is one of the activities that are exclusively available on Snapchat and cannot be done anywhere else. This sort of relationship activity label could not be seen on any other social networking site, including Facebook. It is a fun activity that you can do with your friends, and it is only available to your friend if he or she is an avid snap chatter.

2. Bragging Rights – We have all seen it on other people’s newsfeeds when they reach that 100-day Snapchat streak and the 100 icon appears on their profile page. This is something they can show off to their friends, and it also comes with the added benefit of bragging rights. Snap chatters have even broken the world record for the longest Snapchat streak, which has been held for almost a year. Perhaps you will be able to smash the world record.

3. Show Commitment To Your Best Friends – In Snapchat, you will have typical friends, acquaintances, families, and best friends, among other things. When the Snapchat streak icon appears next to a friend’s name, you will be able to tell how much commitment both you and your friend have made to your friendship. It aids in distinguishing who your greatest pals are based on who you snap the most pictures with.

4. Begin a Healthy Relation with your friends – This is an innovative method to make use of the Snapchat streak. If you have a crush on someone, this is one of the most effective ways to break the ice. You may start sending him or her a picture every day if you like. If he or she responded with a snap, respond with a snap as soon as possible. If you accomplish this for more than one continuous day, the fire streak will display next to your name in his or her Snapchat account, indicating that you have done something special.

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