Chrome for Android now features an in-built screenshot tool

Chrome is definitely the most popular browser on both PC and Android. Even though every smartphone allows you to take screenshots these days, the widely used browser now comes with built-in features.

Google recently added the option to take screenshots in Chrome. The new feature can be accessed via the Share menu. This latest feature of Chrome also offers the option to edit the screenshots you take. The screenshot feature will be handy since you won’t have to switch apps every time you take and edit a screenshot.

This is a big quality of life change that every mobile Chrome user will enjoy. With the Chrome 85 update, Google redesigned the way you share a webpage using the app. The change to the share menu applies to both the address bar and the three-dot menu. Now, the sharing menu shows the page name, the URL of the page along the favicon of the page you are viewing.

Chrome for Android now features an in-built screenshot tool

The more button is placed at the last of the row. Apart from the standard options, user can also perform some actions such as copy the link, send the page to your other devices, scan QR code or print the webpage.

According to 9 to 5 Google, Chrome 91 for Android adds a row to the share menu. The screenshot option can be used from there. The screenshot feature will capture the entire screen just like the native Android tool. The bottom bar houses options like crop, draw, and text. The text tool offers functionalities such as crop, expand and delete. Last but not least, the Draw option offers 18 different colors and six-stroke sizes. The undo and the redo button is also available.

If you choose to save the screenshot to your device, it will be saved as a downloaded file in the downloads section of the browser.

It is available in Chrome 91, so make sure you update your browser to the latest version.


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