Elon Musk’s take on LOKI, is it really similar to Rick and Morty?

Elon Musk is infamous for his tweets and this time we think he has done it again. Whether it be strange baby names or the downfall of cryptocurrency you can always see Elon Musk causing menace on Twitter, one way or the other. And this time he has done it by giving his review on the fan-favorite show “Loki”

Elon Musk says,

Loki is pretty good. Basically, live-action @RickandMorty with a long romance ark.

Elon Musk Tweet

Elon Musk has previously also been vocal about his love for the grandpa-grandson mad science Anime “Rick and Morty”, where the scientific jargon was thick and his interest in the show was visible. While most of his tweets regarding the show might have gone above our head, one thing was clear that he enjoyed the show. 

And this time he talks about “Loki” comparing it to “Rick and Morty”. What is surprising, is that “Loki” and “Rick and Morty” do share a producer ( former producer for Rick and Morty) Michael Waldron, additionally some episodes of Loki have been written by Rick and Morty alumni. 

Loki and Rick and Morty also share their love for Multi-dimensional travel, these are shows where the world Literally becomes the writer’s canvas, and everything and anything is on the table. 

Elon Musk mentions the difference of a “Romance ark”, in his tweet, which might be pointing towards the slow romance between the two Loki’s, which is something the fans are still doubtful about. Nonetheless, it seems like Loki has managed to attract almost everyone, and now to the list, we can add Elon Musk, the closest version of Tony Stark we will ever have. 

But while Loki with its chase from Time Variance Authority (TVA) is coming to an end soon on Disney+, Rick and Morty are still going strong with its new episode just released. You can find out more about it here

It is no surprise that Elon Musk has given Loki a chance, seeing that he did have a guest star appearance in the opening scene of Iron Man 2. But his review is not something the fans have given a chance ( Unlike his Bitcoin advice), as they had a lot to say about it.

Either he only watches Rick and Morty or thinks the concept of multiverse variants is original to Rick and Morty because I really don’t know what the similarities are beyond that,”

‘Can’t really begin to describe how funny ‘guy who can only understand Marvel shows/movies through the lens of Rick and Morty’ is as a concept,”

Reply to Elon Musk

One thing is for sure Elon Musk and his tweets are always up for some discussion and cannot be taken lightly. Do you think Loki would see an upthrust in their viewership after this? Or is Elon just good for some crypto wars? 

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