Google adds Scheduled Text Messages, Password Checkup with the latest Android Updates

The Palo Alto-based giant Google has released an array of updates on its lineup apps for Android. One such update is an Integrated Password Checkup available for devices running on Android 9.0 Pie and above. Apparently, it seems self-explanatory as it checks passwords. Google rolled out a password checkup feature on Google Chrome last year that runs the passwords users enter on any website or service through a database of passwords to check if the said password was ever exposed.

Google has added a tonne of new features such as Google Maps and is now getting a Dark Mode. It will arrive on the Android client of Google Maps this spring while there’s no update on when to expect it on iOS devices. The Messages app on Android devices now has a feature to schedule text messages that makes things very easy since you can program texts to go out at a set time and bingo, it will be done. Another feature comes as an update to TalkBack which is used by people with low vision and those who are visually challenged.

Scheduled Text Messages

Talking about the Integrated Password Checkup feature, Google runs the passwords through a database. This helps ascertain if the said password was ever exposed or compromised. Here, when a user enters a password, marks it as saved, and uses the “Autofill with Google” feature, it sends out warnings if the password was compromised somewhere. Users are then guided to a Password Manager that contains all the saved passwords. Here, you will see how many of your passwords fall into the exposed or compromised category.

Password Checkup

The feature is available for Android smartphones running on Android 9.0 and above. You need to enable the Autofill option via Settings >> System >> Languages & Input >> Advanced. This is what sets the password checkup feature in motion.

Sundar Pichai tweeted about the latest addition of features on Google teasing the Password Checkup along with four other major updates. Google Assistant is now getting more sophisticated with a new update making it hands-free with functions like play music, set alarms or timers, and more. You can even text and call people when your phone is locked which is a major update.

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