Google’s Magic Eraser now works with non-Pixel 6 devices as well

Magic Eraser appears to be working on non-Pixel 6 devices now as well, with Google Photos 5.24 or Google Photos 5.64. People using Android 12 or devices without the Pixel 6 can easily use this feature by side loading the APK. Former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers, Mishaal Rahman, did mention that, according to some reports in the GoogleNews Telegram group, Magic Eraser might also be available to non-Pixel 6 users. 

 Many users are successfully able to get this feature on their Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 4 models after sideloading the Google Photos 5.64 APK file. You can download the APK file here if you’re interested in playing with this feature. Many users are pleased that they can use the Magic Eraser seamlessly on their Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a devices.  

However, Google has yet to confirm whether this feature will be introduced on other Android 12 devices in the future or not. It is also unclear whether Google will disable it on the server-side for non-Pixel users.

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