Google Meet Rolls Out Global Dialing Subscription for Workspace Customers

Google has announced a new “Meet Global Dialing Subscription,” a new add-on subscription that will allow users to dial-in and dial-out calls in video meetings. The new service is, however, not actually structured like a subscription and you don’t need to pay an extra subscription fee. You’ll be charged for your calls on a per-minute rate basis instead.

As per the official blog, the new service enables “outbound calls to global destinations and dial-in to meetings from more countries.” Like said before, users or organizations need to just pay-per-minute rates for calls. Additionally, admins can leverage the existing Google Voice audit log to breakdown and monitor usage. Check out what the new add-on service brings.

Google Meet Global Dialing Subscription Features

According to Google, the new add-on subscription service for Meet will:

1. Enable users to dial out to more than 100 countries directly from a Meet call. Google says that this service is currently only available to 2 countries.

2. Increase the number of countries users can dial from over 80, with more countries coming soon.

3. Make it easy for admins to monitor and audit call usage with the Google Voice audit log.

When admins with Google Workspace subscription enable this feature for their organization, end-users will be able to quickly dial and add people to meetings. Besides, they can take advantage of the “Call Me” feature to route audio through their phones. Users with limited bandwidth connections or mobile can also use the service.

However, since the service is currently available to select countries, users purchasing Google Workspace through a reseller need to confirm if they’re based in one of these countries to be eligible for the subscription.

Speaking of availability, the new subscription is currently live in Canada, the US, UK France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Austria. Further, it’s available to organizations with Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus and Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Non-profits, and G Suite Basic and Business customers.

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