Google Pixel 6 Pro camera samples leaked

Google Pixel 6 series is expected to launch in mid-October 2021 so there are a few weeks left. In the previous month, the Google Pixel 6 Pro has appeared in a hands-on video where it gave an overview of the handset and its colors as well as expected pricing. Now, another video has been surfaced on YouTube that includes leaked Google Pixel 6 Pro camera samples.

The new leaked camera samples come from YouTuber M. Brandon Lee of ‘This is Tech Today’ YouTube channel. It includes the Pixel 6 Pro’s image and video quality apart from the UI of the stock camera app. Additionally, the EXIF data of the pictures from Google Photos reveal that the 12.5MP resolution camera samples turn out to be true because previous leaks were also claiming that the device will sport a 50MP camera sensor which will offer 12.5MP pixel-binned images.

Whereas the image quality and video quality we can’t really go down to the result right now because it’s a pre-release unit. The retail version will provide much better photos and videos for sure. As per the YouTuber, the Pixel 6 Pro also has a curved screen which is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra approximately. You can check out the video below.

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