Google plans to release a fix soon for the Pixel 6’s touch-input issue 

The Google Pixel 6 and its elder brother, the Pixel 6 Pro, are among the latest flagship smartphones on the market right now. Although the Tensor chipset is capable of handling all tasks easily, Pixel 6 does have a number of bugs we cannot ignore. One of them is the Google Pixel 6 freezing touch-input issue. Fortunately, Google is working on a patch to fix the problem.

Many Pixel 6 users are experiencing random freezing and touch response blocking for a few seconds at a time. Currently, affected users are waiting for a Google patch fix. One of the Redditors /u/micku7zu reported about this issue recently. When the “canPerformGesture” accessibility service permission is enabled on the device, the screen may pause for about 1-2 seconds whenever the battery level drops by 1 percent.

In that scenario, you’ll have to disable all accessibility services on the device manually. Despite the fact that this is a tedious manual process, there is nothing else you can do. As long as Google does not release a patch fix, this method will have to be used. You may have to disable all accessibility services, such as Voice Access.

Also, it has been clarified by Google in its reply to the Google Issue Tracker report that the problem has been resolved. Accordingly, the upcoming Pixel 6 patch fix is likely to resolve the device freezing and touch-input blocking issues.

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