Google Releases v2.37 for Google Home App With Tweaks to WiFi Notifications & Faster Set-Up

Google keeps its apps and products updated with updates that could be huge as an overhaul or could be as tiny as adding a new element in the UI and so on. Google Home app that lets you tweak Google Home devices including Nest, Nest Mini, and others has just received an update i.e. version 2.37 with a few changes.

According to the changelog mentioned, the Google Home v2.37 update is now bringing notification capabilities on Nest WiFi as well as faster speaker setup and faster Smart Display to name a few.

Google Home app v2.37 update brings out small tweaks

Google Home app v2.37 update brings out small tweaks

The Google Home app is now getting a small tweak in the UI such as when you open the preferences page on the WiFi screen, you get a “Notification Settings” on the page alongside “Advanced networking” and “Preferred activities”. Here, the feature lets users check for alerts and notifications whenever a new device joins the primary or guest network as they will get a notification pushed by the app itself.

Apart from that, users will also get notifications on lost connections as well as password mismatches. All these options are available with a toggle inside Nest Wifi settings. This means users are free to enable it or disable it as per their choice.

Google introduced notifications on the Google Home app under Settings >> Notifications >> Nest Wifi back in an update released in October last year. The update that comes with a new placement for these settings will make it more usable and reachable for users. Also, Google is now retiring the Google Wifi app that will go away pretty soon with no new user-facing capabilities on it. All these changes are on the Google Play Store and for Android devices.

Talking about the v2.37 update on the Google Home app on iOS devices, the changelog says that users will now get the ability to set up speakers and Assistant Smart Displays faster than before. Google just curtailed the annoyance of adding third-party services with every new device they would pair, now users can copy and paste existing/past preferences. This drastically reduces the time it takes to configure and set up a smart display or speaker on an existing network. Note that if it’s your first assistant device, you will have to set up preferences as usual.

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