Instagram Offers a New Option to Delete Individual Posts from Carousels on iOS and Android

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will allow users to delete individual photos/videos from a carousel after it is uploaded. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri shared a video explaining this new feature and also introduced “Rage Shake,” a feature that will allow users to shake their phones to report a problem.

Facebook-owned photo and video sharing site Instagram has added a new option to its iOS app that will allow users to delete an individual image from a carousel post. As explained by Mosseri, now, after a user has uploaded a carousel of photos and/or videos, he/she will be able to remove specific posts from that series. To do this, you need to tap on the three dots menu for that post and select “Edit” from the available options. Next, on the Edit page, there will be a small trash icon on the top left corner of the image/video. Tapping this trash icon will remove the image from that carousel.

Instagram Carousel Deletion Feature and More

Carousels are one of the most popular post formats in the Instagram application, and people use them to share multiple photos/videos. But sometimes, you may upload some unintended image in the carousel, and this new option will give you the ability to delete an individual image, ensuring you don’t have to delete and re-upload the entire carousel.

Now, if you notice an error or issue with the carousel, you can just go to the “Edit” page and tap on the trash icon of the post you wish to remove. Note that this option is currently available only on Instagram for iOS. However, Mosseri notes that the feature will soon be rolled out for the Android Instagram application as well.

Apart from the carousel deletion feature, Instagram has also introduced a new “rage Shake” feature. This feature will activate a new issue report prompt if you shake your phone when Instagram is open. However, the “Rage Shake” feature for Instagram is currently available for iOS and Android in the US only.

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