iPhone 13 Pro Max wins in the speed test against Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Apple has recently launched the all-new iPhone 13 series that includes iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. Just like every iPhone generation, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the big brother among them. It also seems that due to the latest industry-leading flagship Apple A15 Bionic chipset with improved graphics and RAM management, the iPhone 13 Pro Max clearly wins the race in the speed test against the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the high-end model in the Galaxy S21 flagship series that has been launched this year. A popular YouTuber PhoneBuff is known for comparing speed tests of most of the popular smartphones especially when it comes to Android vs iOS flagships. According to the speed test result of the 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the 13 Pro Max is a clear winner. You can check out the speed test video here.

Unlike other reviewers or tech YouTubers, PhoneBuff doesn’t take on this speed test using hands or fingers. It actually uses robotic hands for precision time accurate screen touches and responses which can easily tell who is the winner because it reduces the chances or seconds or milliseconds delay or response timing whatsoever. 13 Pro max took a lead while launching or loading games faster than Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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While launching multiple apps and keeping them in memory management is good on both devices, the startup timing is faster every time on iPhone. There is a total difference of around seven seconds between the two flagships in the end which may not affect your daily usage experience. But this is what technology and optimization come into the light when a pair of flagship smartphones get into the head-to-head competition.

As we’ve mentioned, the difference is much lower, but the benchmark results are also higher for iPhone while processing CPU/GPU-intensive tasks. The heating perspective is also under the line which is a good thing. The RAM management part is good for both models.

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