Loop Mount Twist: An Innovative Phone Mount Raises Over $200,000 via Kickstarter

Loop Mount Twist is a refreshed version of the Loop Mount, a thoughtful handlebar phone mount that lets you navigate and use applications securely but does not affect the aesthetic of your favorite bicycle. The Loop Mount Twist has been re-engineered to use your favorite apps in either portrait or landscape mode, handle your expensive phone with the utmost care, and provide secured usability across any terrain. 

Loop Mount Twist is designed by AW, a startup cyclist community for innovative mold-breaking products led by Alexander Hulme. The second-generation product aims at reducing the anxiety of cyclists while using phones on their journey by providing the following features:

  • Any Phone, Any Bike, Any Journey: Loop Mount Twist works independently with any mainstream smartphone, bike, handlebars and provides a swift journey across bumpy roads or uneven terrain.

Loop Mount Twist Kickstarter cycle handlebar

  • Built-in Portrait Mode: The Twist feature of the revamped Loop Mount handlebar upholds the phone in the vertical portrait mode, a rarity in any bicycle mount according to current standards.

Loop Mount Twist Kickstarter cycle handlebar

  • Weighted Grip of 3 KG: Loop Mount Twist meets its standards by securing your precious smartphone with 3 kilograms of hardened gripping force, an optimal weight for balancing grip strength without damaging your phone.
  • Built to last a Lifetime: Loop Mount Twist is forged out of metal using CNC technology, making the mount strong without being heavy and increases versatility across its change over numerous bikes.

Loop Mount Twist Kickstarter cycle handlebar

  • Add-on and Accessories: Separate bike mounts were required to fit unique designs of handlebars in bicycles. This need is accommodated by including accessories that customers can add to their shopping cart before checkout. The available add-on consists of the Universal Adapter with elastomers to fit many unusual setups and the Brompton Adapter for space-limited Brompton M-type bars.

Loop Mount Twist Kickstarter cycle handlebar

Loop Mount Twist is an innovative second-generation gadget set up in the Kickstarter platform from July 2021. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding company allowing small companies to come into the limelight. Startup companies advertise their products on Kickstarter and connect creators with backers to pledge a certain amount of money on their items. If their goal is reached within the appointed number of days, the promised amount of money is deducted from backers.

According to the Loop Twist Kickstarter page, “We love exploring on our bikes and smartphones let us do it quicker and easier than ever. But all of the phone holders out there were cheap and bulky plastic holders or need special cases just to work. We’re all guilty of using our phones en route to navigate, even though we know it’s dangerous. Current phone holders on the market are ugly or need special cases just to work. We listened to your feedback, and now you can use all your favorite phone navigation and training apps in either portrait or landscape mode.”

AW had estimated a goal of $13,618 for the Loop Mount Twist project on the Kickstarter platform, which backers smashed within 15 min of its release. The project has collected a whopping amount of $213,435 with 2,134 backers, and it has been marked as a Kickstarter “Product we Love.” The innovative Kickstarter project offers Special priced discounted early bird packages from $62 and reducing prices by approximately 31% from manufacturing costs. Such rewards encourage more pledgers to come forward and back this project on Kickstarter.

Worldwide shipping of Loop Mount Twist will begin from September 2021 except to Japan and Mainland China due to licensing restrictions. The enormous support from the customers has made fast delivery possible for everyone. Kickstarter also has a customized pledging amount system devoid of any rewards.

Jump over to the official Loop Mount Twist cycle handlebar phone mount crowdfunding campaign website Kickstarter by clicking the link below for a comprehensive breakdown of all available backing choices, stretch goals, risk factors, and extra features for the bicycle phone mount.


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