New Camera Lens Technology might help to reduce camera bumps and notches in smartphones

There have already been major improvements and developments in the smartphone industry over the past few years, regardless of whether it’s a display, camera, or other hardware/software. Mobile cameras and photography have reached the next level as more and more developments occur every day. Nowadays, smartphone brands offer multiple lenses that provide up to 100x zoom. There are reports that new camera lens technology might be able to decrease camera bumps and notches on smartphones.

However, flagship smartphone models have more advanced image processing capabilities. With the camera sensors and the camera system algorithm, a lot of progress can be made in the imaging department, much like with facial recognition and facial unlocking. There are, however, some drawbacks to these cameras, such as a notch or bump. These days, they kind of look out-of-date.

Now, a company has developed new lens technology that simply relies on polarized light information, unlike traditional lenses. In the upcoming years, we might see fewer camera bumps or notch designs on the displays for a cleaner appearance.

What’s Metalenz PolarEyes Lens Technology?

A Harvard-based company ‘Metalenz’ did recently mention that the latest PolarEyes lens technology can offer plenty of advanced camera features such as biometric authentication and improved low-light imaging. It basically uses compact and inexpensive camera lenses. The new Metalenz PolarEyes technology uses polarized light information that gathers enough data to process the image. This is different from traditional camera lenses.

The new lens technology combines physics and optics along with software and hardware to support next-gen smartphone cameras with improved privacy options. Nowadays, the security of most facial recognition systems can easily be bypassed by spoofing, but the new lens technology will enhance security. However, Apple’s Face ID technology is quite useful, fast, accurate, and secured than the normal face unlocking method. Whereas Apple’s Face ID gave us a wider ugly-looking notch on the top of the display. 

The Metalenz PolarEyes lenses are compact enough to authenticate users’ faces. The PolarEyes technology works on a single compact lens that can be hidden underneath a smartphone screen.

The best part of Metalenz’s PolarEyes lenses is that it strategically throws patterns of concentric circles on a tiny curved surface to redirect light information to an image sensor. A single metalens can capture images quite well which is impressive.

New Camera Lens Technology might help to reduce camera bumps and notches in smartphones

The company says that metalenses lenses are combined with the latest PolarEyes technology that can increase the overall look of future smartphones. It can also be included in laptops or other gadgets. It is unknown when these products will be commercialized. This time will come soon, as the wider notch on the display or the rear camera bump have been outdated for a few years now.

Therefore, smartphone OEMs might consider it.

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