Samsung Internet Browser Beta update arrives with multiple fixes

Samsung releases a new update for the Samsung Internet Browser app that includes the version Beta update. It basically fixes multiple issues and nothing else. There are no new features or improvements added in this latest update.

If you’re a hardcore user of the Samsung Internet Browser app on your Galaxy device then you may have noticed some issues with the keyboard closing while typing in the address bar or the freezing issue that occurs while performing swipe gestures during the full-screen video playback.

Additionally, you might have encountered the browsing history from being displayed correctly on some Galaxy devices via the Internet Browser app. If so, you should be happy enough to know that the Samsung Internet Browser Beta version has fixed all of these mentioned issues along with improved stability.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta update arrives with multiple fixes

It also includes new security patches to the device for the Samsung Internet Browser app which should work fine in browsing third-party websites or downloads most probably. Now, if you’re really interested in using the latest Samsung Internet Browser version then you can download the beta version from the Google Play Store link or directly via the Galaxy Store link.

However, do keep in mind that if you’re not using the beta version right now then you should know that using the beta version may include several bugs or stability issues. So, it’s fully up to you whether you’re interested in using the Samsung Internet Browser beta version or not. Whereas if you’re facing any issues with the beta version then just report it to the Samsung Community or directly on the Feedback or even on the Samsung Members app.

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