Samsung showcases next-gen foldable called – Flex In and Out in Korea Display Exhibition

Samsung is seriously working on new foldable display devices with next-gen innovations and features that can leave other OEMs in splits. From the dual foldable to one single compact smartphone, Samsung has entered into the era of triple folding display devices (tablets) that have been around in the leaks or rumors for quite some time. Well, the Samsung Flex In and Out (Flex In & Out) multi-foldable 7.2-inches OLED display device has been showcased recently in Korea Display Exhibition 2021.

To recall, TCL was one of the first-ever brands to demonstrate this triple (multi) foldable display previously. Whereas the South Korean tech giant Samsung has taken it to the next level which is really remarkable by expanding a 17-inches foldable laptop apart from the under-display camera sensor. Now, the company is in the works with a triple foldable display device for a while.

A 30 seconds video clip has showcased the triple foldable phone which turns into a tablet that’s called ‘Flex In & Out’ featuring a 7.2-inches multi-foldable OLED panel. Where the screen panel not only unfolded multiple times but also has an ‘S’ curve that means the display is flexible enough to take a shape rather than staying in the original straight line.

It’s also expected that the tablet can run three apps on each screen simultaneously which will be a great benefit for multitaskers. Whereas the tablet can also be used for dozens of other tasks once at a time without any second thought. Obviously, Samsung will input the software support for the triple foldable device whatever is required. As per the video, it also seems to be running an older Android OS version and an older Google Play Music version too.

There is no official announcement or press note released yet by the company. It should take some time because it’s in the early development stage as of now.

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