Sony Bravia TVs are Now Getting the New “Discover” Android TV feature

Sony makes a lot of great products such as cameras and smartphones. But the Japanese manufacturer has another great product up its sleeve, the Android-powered Bravia TV range.

The company has confirmed that it has started getting the recently launched Discover feature that is available on the Android TV home screen. It seems that a couple of weeks have already gone by and many Bravia TV owners have already received the update. Surprisingly, Sony also sent emails to many of its customers stating that their Android TV software has gotten a lot better.

The “Discover” feature was launched just two months ago, in February this month. Many devices are already enjoying the redesigned Android TV experience. Both Google and Sony deny to tell when the update came to the Bravia lineup. When asked about the same, the company said in a reply to 9to5Google that the newly launched feature was available on the Bravia series for “some time”.

The new "Discover" Android TV feature now available on the Sony Bravia series

Sony Bravia TV just got the Discover Android TV experience

The revamped Android interface has completely eliminated the left most sidebar that featured the apps installed such as Netflix. Instead, the home screen now features three new tabs at the top of the screen, namely, Home, Discover and Apps.

If you click the home tab, you will see a familiar layout that the old home screen had to offer. It offers access to all your favorite channels and applications like before. The apps tab is also similar to the previous versions since it lists all the apps installed on the device.

Coming to the Discover tab, the newly launched section aims to provide the user with recommended content like TV shows and movies. It also lists what’s currently trending on Google and has similar functionalities to the For You tab that can be found on Google TVs.

In case you are unfamiliar with Google TV, it is the company’s latest platform for Chromecasts. Sony is also planning to make the transition to Google TV next year, starting with the Bravia series.

Even though Google TV is superior to Android TV in certain ways, don’t expect all TV manufacturers to make the jump so soon. Sony is slowing rolling out the “Discover” tab to its Bravia, so it might take a while before you can use the redesigned Android TV home screen.


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