T-Mobile offers exclusive Google One Plan for customers – $5/month for 500GB

Google One is a subscription-based cloud storage plan for those who require more than 15GB of free storage. Now, one of the US carriers T-Mobile has recently announced an exclusive Google One Plan offer for its customers. A new 500GB storage plan on Google One will be available for $5 per month for the existing T-Mobile customers.

However, the prices may vary depending on the carrier or region while the Google One plan starts from $3/month for 200GB storage in the US. Talking about the next tier up, the 2TB storage plan is for $10/month.  There are no other plans available in-between at the moment.

It’s also worth noting that the $5/month plan doesn’t have the Google One VPN service. For the availability of Google One VPN, you’ll have to go for the 2TB storage plan or above. Interested T-Mobile customers can right now avail of the exclusive 500GB offer from the ‘Google One for T-Mobile’ application. Users with postpaid plans will need to install the app on devices running iOS or Android.

Just open the app and sign up for the exclusive offer via the T-Mobile online service. The subscription charge will be billed directly to the T-Mobile carrier plan. While the Sprint users can migrate to T-Mobile via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app after signing up.

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