Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans Review, An Ending that Leaves Various Doors Open

WARNING This article contains Spoilers for the movie Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

It is hard to believe but the Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans has come to an end, bringing a conclusion to Tales of Arcadia. The epic fantasy and adventure ride has gone through its full roller coaster journey, leaving the fans satisfied with the thrill. 

What started from the book series created by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kaus, has reached its pinnacle and the journey has been a hard and exciting one. The 2016 series Trollhunters caused the genesis of Tales of Arcadia. Followed by 3below and Wizards  (which we recommend you to watch before going ahead with Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans) the series flourished and gave us some well-remembered characters. Each series offered plenty and now they have led to a mind-blowing ending, packed with conflict, action, and some heart-wrenching moments. To know more click here.


Our band of heroes came together for maybe the last time as they took a stand against three fierce Titans and the evil Arcane Order which was set on destroying humanity from the face of Earth.  

The film picks off from Jim Lake’s (Emile Hirsch) internal conflict. Jim questions his ability as a Trollhunter after his amulet is destroyed. The story majorly follows the arc of Jim’s self-discovery to becoming a powerful and confident Trollhunter. This arc is brought about to its fruition when Jim has to face some vicious foes like the Arcane Order and The three all-powerful, to some extent immortal Titans. 

Each character gets to take part in some CGI-heavy fights all because of the Arcane Order. We start with a clash at a subway where the Arcane Order tries to snatch away earth-spirit Nari (Stephane Beatriz) from the wizard Douxie’s (Colin O’Donoghue) protection. Her presence is important for the rise of Titans that will cleanse the earth. After her kidnapping, the Titans are awakened and must reach the Earth center, which is conveniently in Arcadia (Jim’s hometown).

Then we see our heroes make elaborate plans to secure Excalibur and retrieve the Kronisphere and extract the time stone to finally put an end to the Titans and their wrath. In a struggle to destroy the Titans, we bid goodbye to some essential characters. Each Titan is subdued by Jim and his friends. Later Jim realizes that Amulet was not the real reason behind him being a Trollhunter, rather it was him, bringing a satisfying end to his arc. 

While the movie never lets go of emotion for even one moment, it’s the ending that might insight some tears. Trollhunters has always been an action-adventure sci-fi series but more than that it has been about friendship. It has always centered friendship as its theme and this time when that friendship is at stake we see a truly shocking climax to the movie. 

As Jim is fighting the last fight, we see Toby (Charlie Saxton) succumbing to his injuries, and in a desperate attempt to save his best friend’s life Jim uses the time stone to alter Toby’s death. 

What happens after that has left many of us in doubt. As we all know time-altering is no joke, it creates different possibilities. When Jim alters the reality he goes back in time to the first episode of the first season and makes sure that Toby is the one that finds the Amulet. Which makes us think is Toby going to be the new Trollhunter? Has Jim given up his Trollhunting life?

Since this movie was supposed to be the end, why leave such a huge cliffhanger at the end. What would happen next is anybody’s guess. It seems like Netflix is also taking its chance with Multiverse just like Marvel. Because with something as interesting as time stone, the possibility of various timelines arises. This could mean that we might see a spin-off series or feature film in the future ( fingers crossed). Well whatever it might be, it seems like the fans are just as confused as well and have no idea what could happen next.

Let’s see what the fans have to say about the ending.

trollhunters tweet

Trollhunters tweet

Overall the movie ticks every box of a good feature film. The film ensemble each gets their own chance on-screen but Jim’s arc overshadows most of the story. We would have liked to see some more development of other characters as well. While Jim’s arc does provide a satisfying ending, it fails to give due time and story development to other characters in the film. 

Yet one cannot say anything against the visuals of the movie. Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans can be judged as one of the most stunning movies produced by DreamWorks. This time cinematography took a turn towards a dark and gloomy atmosphere, quite refreshing from its last installments. It gave Harry Potter Deathly Hallows vibe where the rosy sunshine scenery steadily and slowly proceeded towards a more serious and dark atmosphere. 

In conclusion, the movie is a fantasy but is realistic in its plot. We do see a victory at the end but it comes with its cost. The film will keep you engrossed and it’s for everyone young and old. We would recommend you to give it a chance and watch it with your family. 

Let us know what you think? , Was it a fitting end? , Do you want the story to continue?

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