Notification Sounds and Vibrations for Twitter and Messenger not working for some iOS 15 users: Report

Since the release of iOS 15, users have been upgrading their devices to the latest OS. However, the update seems to be causing various issues to iPhone users. Now, several iOS 15 users have reported on Reddit [12] that after upgrading their iPhones to the latest OS, Twitter and the Messenger app on their devices have suffered from notification-related issues.

According to the reports, iPhone users with iOS 15 are not receiving notification sounds and vibrations from the Twitter app. Reportedly, the same thing is happening with the Messenger app on several devices. This weird issue seems to have started to occur from the last few days for several users running iOS 15 on their iPhones. 

The Bug Affects Only Sounds and Vibration

As aforementioned, users having the Twitter app installed on their iPhone with iOS 15 no longer receive Twitter notification sounds and vibrations. But it seems like the issue affects only the sounds and vibration, as users report that items like the banner notifications and the badges work fine. In fact, it’s not just in the iPhone, some users say that the notification sounds and vibration of Twitter are also “muted” on the Apple Watch.

It’s quite surprising to see that this bug was there in the iOS 15 beta as well. Over three months ago, iOS 15 beta users had reported similar problems, however, the Twitter notifications worked correctly in the stable version. But now, the problem seems to have resurfaced again, at least for some users. We don’t know if Apple is aware of it, but if it is, the company should fix it soon in a future update.

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